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18 in 18

This year I am intending to broaden out my horizons by doing different things. You can check out the list in the original post. They are not wildly adventurous things ~ I am not intending to do 9 different types of … Continue reading

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Now, here’s the nest

Last post I put the nest in the title, and made no more mention of it! So, here’s the nest. Kate from Tall tales from Chiconia had the joy of watching a sun bird build and raise a family in … Continue reading

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A workshop and a nest

Way back in May I did a workshop at Bendigo Art Gallery with Mark Dober. Bendigo is a regional Victorian town, with a very good gallery. I had only been up there for special exhibitions, so I was pleased to … Continue reading

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More trees

I have really appreciated the feedback you give me for my oil pastel trees. You have left me so many positive comments, as well some sales. Oil pastels as a medium still excites me. In fact tomorrow I am going … Continue reading

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Travel theme: Earth

Thanks to Ailsa at Where’s my backpack? for this theme, which is in celebration of Earth Day. Hopefully we will be able to encourage our politicians to have policies that support our Earth too. It is tempting to publish beautiful … Continue reading

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A delight from Queensland

Recently Kate emailed me to ask if I wanted a nest. Well, who can resist a nest? Probably plenty of people, but not me! The story behind the nest is that an olive backed sunbird created this nest by suspending it … Continue reading

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The Sisterhood of the Travelling Sketchbook

The Sketchbook has left the States and arrived in Greece. Now it is not only international, but global! How cool is that?! It is a while since I have written about it, but I have just updated my Sisterhood page. … Continue reading

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International Day of People with a Disability

December 3rd is the International Day of People with a Disability. How wonderful that my favourite song of 2016 is from the Paralympic Games. I posted this clip on my blog  a couple of months ago, but have to repost it to celebrate all … Continue reading

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  That title is deliberate. If you are sick of the whole election you can skim over this post. However, I am, like the rest of the world, and especially Donald Trump himself, trying to work out what happened this … Continue reading

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“new things are happening very quietly inside of me.”

“New things are happening very quietly inside of me” I love this quote and the story that Austin Kleon tells about the former nun who made it. It reminds me that it’s okay to sit and ponder and allow creative … Continue reading

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