Another adventure in the pipeline

Much of my time lately has been taken up with painting our hallway. Our house is an older Victorian terrace, with a loooong hall — over 11 metres — and ceilings of about 3 metres. It has been waiting to be painted for quite a few years now. Why it hasn’t happened is a story not worth telling…sufficient to say that the Fella and I made the decision in October that we would do the work. And work we have.

My job is the fiddly bits — the edges where the wall and ceiling meet, and the architraves and skirting boards. These were painted in gloss paint, which had to be sanded, undercoated and two coats of the top colour applied. While these boards are not the originals, I did choose them many years ago to closely match the originals I had to remove. So they are fancy, with fiddly curves and dips to sand.

Now we have lovely clean, white walls and slightly off white architraves and skirting boards. Well, the latter are almost all done. They are painted in a colour called “Pale Lady”. Fortunately the colour was perfect, as I think I would have bought the paint for the name alone. I am sure there are pale Victorian lady ghosts lurking in the house somewhere!


I had a friend’s birthday morning tea, which I set up in the hall to celebrate!

You can see that the floor is still to happen, so the skirting boards are loose until we get that sorted. Now to the last few pieces of board to sand and paint.

But that’s not the adventure I am thinking about…..

The Monday before the Melbourne Cup Day holiday the Fella and I took off down the length of the Mornington Peninsular. It is the eastern arm that circles Port Phillip Bay and we went to Portsea, right at the tip of the peninsular.

Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 7.32.59 PM.png

Why? Well, the local council has an Artist in Residence Programme down there. You may remember my Artist in Residency stay on Flinders Island a couple of years ago, and how that began my obsession interest with melaleuca trees. I am very attracted to the idea of having weeks away from my normal routine, where all I have to do is practise my art.

And imagine doing that in this cottage!



And the view of the cottage from the lookout


The view the other way, across Port Phillip Bay to the Bellarine Peninsular.


We had a sneak peek in the cottage….

and I can see myself working here.

To top it off, the cottage is at the edge of the Mornington Peninsular National Park. The environment is coastal heathland, with trees and bushes to excite my creativity. Now, to get the application in, and cross my fingers that it is accepted, so that this sign will mean me!



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15 replies on “Another adventure in the pipeline”

I feel for you. My marathon is still to come… If it will finally stop raining just as I think about heading outside!
Fingers crossed your application is successful. A trip down to the Mornington Peninsula was a favourite outing when I lived in Melb, with stops at as many antique shops as I could manage along the way. It’s a gorgeous, wild, wide space with the wind coming straight at you from a thousand miles away.


Have fun with your fence! As I said above to Derrick, I will have to push myself to finish off the last bits. It will be easy to let it slide.
The Peninsula is a stunning place, and so varied. The east and west sides are very different, and the national park down at Portsea is windswept and rugged. I know I will enjoy it, if I get accepted, of course.


definitely apply – I found my recent experience at applying “eye-opening”, as you know I wasn’t successful at that particular place. I may try again as there are still places available around NZ. Not sure, if I would want to go aboard though…

as you also aware, my art program is going to change, next year – but for now, I have really no idea how. I looked at the new requirements but still none the wiser. Academic board say they will look at my current doings and let me know…

On the other hand, I’m working through home art studio issues, more on that when it’s more concrete and not just a loose amount of words on paper 🙂 i.e. more research required


It is wonderful to have these opportunities, to spend time just creating. A friend of mine did a residency in Barcelona. Fancy that! I hope you will apply somewhere else, so you can immerse yourself in your art.


Anne, how exciting! I’m glad you’re applying and I hope too your accepted to the program. It’s a lovely place, one that easily would spark someone’s creativity. I’m enjoying your newsletters, in addition to your blog, and I hope you continue to grow and expand your audience. It looks like a lot of work, but fun and creative.


I will certainly let you know how I get on. The applications don’t close until the end of December, so it is a wait. Fortunately I don’t have any preference for dates, therefore, quite flexible. I hope this makes me attractive to the organisers! Thanks for the feedback on the newsletter. I enjoy writing it. It is like writing the blog, but more concise.


I also have a very long hallway which needs painting but when it will happen I don’t know. We can’t seem to find ‘proper’ skirting board in France which so there is either none at all or just plain planks of wood which is annoying – although easier to paint.
That cottage certainly looks like a wonderful place to get creative – good luck!


Keeping my fingers crossed for the application, and your house looks lovely and fresh, by the way. I’d so like to make it over one year for the Melbourne Cup, and then maybe we could have a coffee! I’ve never been to Australia 🌺


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