I am Anne Lawson, a Melbourne artist who creates works on paper that show the delicacy of the natural world. I am fascinated by natural objects like seed pods, shells and leaves. But most especially feathers. I pick them up, admire them, draw them. I have cupboard full of feathers that are my inspiration. (Lucky that they are as light as a ………!)

My realistic, detailed feathers, leaves and nests, created in watercolour, graphite, and pen and ink, reflect my background in botanic art.


Lately I have been experimenting with different combinations of media ~ oil pastels and ink, watercolour and sewing on paper, wool and tapestry canvas ~ to help me express the inspiration I find in trees in the landscape. Using these media I have been able to create more abstract and expressive works.


My blog tells you of my artistic life — the artists who inspire me, the textures that I love, my work in progress and finished, the unexpected things I see around me.

I live in Melbourne, Australia, a city that I love. I have lived here all my life — indeed on one branch of my family tree I am a 4th generation Melbournian. So, I would also like to show you some of my Melbourne, it’s textures and patterns, the obvious and the hidden, aspects that are off the beaten track.

Where do you go to find out more about my art?

My Etsy shop Anne Lawson Art has a wide range of my works, especially the smaller A5 and A4 sizes.

My fortnightly letter from my studio will keep you up to date with my artistic world. You can read more about the newsletter here.

You can read more about my unique sewing on paper technique and to see my feathers in more detail.

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