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A special gift

It is a busy time, but I just had to drop in…..

We know there are deep divisions in the world, and we despair over what we are doing to the world. We feel anxious. It is easy to succumb to the negativity.

But then along comes the postie, with a special gift made by a special person, to remind me that for all that is wrong with the world, there is an awful lot that is right.

The gift was from my friend Kate, who blogs at Tall Tales from Chiconia. I know that many of you follow, read and comment on her blog (and if you don’t, you should). You will know her as a very generous soul. I know her too as a dear friend, even though we have only met a couple of times ~ the distance between McKay, where she lives in tropical Queensland, and my home in Melbourne is huge.

These last six months for me have been full of medical matters for my partner and my Mum. Both are on the mend, but everything has been a distraction from my artistic work. Kate has picked up on this, and sent me a beautifully quilted brush roll. She hopes that it will help me get my creative mojo back, and I am sure it will.


Kate has not only made something special for me, but her extra layer of thoughtfulness is that the pattern of the material is watercolour feathers. It was a special piece of material from her stash.  She knows that feathers are important  to me. How special is that!

I have often admired the brush rolls of other painters, but none compares to mine, because theirs have not been made by a thoughtful and insightful friend. Their’s don’t have feather fabric nor custom made pockets to hold a variety of things.


So thank you Kate, for reminding me of all the good there is in this world. Enjoy your Christmas with those you love! 💕

Have a lovely festive time. I hope you spend it doing the things you love with the people you love. And that Father Christmas brings you an extra special something.

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Botanic artist

25 replies on “A special gift”

The material is wonderful. I made a comment on an early post of Kate’s, where she was using a scrap of the material in one of her quilts. Her thoughtful mind went from there! Have a lovely Christmas, Tammie, and I hope that your 2020 is filled with lots of lovely words!

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The fabrics is perfect ~ watercolour feathers, and even some guinea fowl feathers in there! I hope this time of the year finds you surrounded by those you love, with a glass of something in your hand!


And I was really touched ~ by the thought behind the thought as well as the actual present. I hope your holidays are merry and bright, and most especially, relaxing! Do I see lots of holiday reading in your future?


“feathers” that’s the key…and of course you are going to use the brush roll, because a/ the pattern calls to you and b/you need a brush, and where is it? c/in the roll, which is calling to you to fondle…

Getting real close to the 25th…happy holidays…


That made me smile! Kate is certainly a wonderful and talented person, who knows I have a weakness for feathers.Dale, I hope your summer is filled with people and animals you love, more rain and less anxiety about fires.

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What a wonderful gift! The feather fabric is exquisite! I will go check out Kate’s blog, she seems like such a thoughtful person (and you must be a special person too and that is why she sent you such a lovely gift) 🙂


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