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Off to Police Point

I am spending all of June in a little cottage on Police Point, the edge of the Point Nepean National Park. You may have read about it in the letter from my studio that I sent out yesterday. Or you may remember me talking about it a while ago. But if you haven’t heard about it, don’t get my newsletter and don’t want to click the link to catch up, let me explain.

I have been granted an artist in residence position by the Mornington Peninsula Shire, to spend a month in the Gatekeeper’s Cottage creating and exploring art. How amazing, how luxurious, how special is that?

Point Nepean is the eastern arm of Port Phillip Bay, and you can see the red dot way down on the edge. Can you see the white dot for Moonee Ponds, just north of the word Melbourne? That’s where I live, about 2 hours drive away.

Map of Point Nepean

And in this photo, can you see the red roof? That is where I will be, with the wonderful national park away to the right. (This photo came from the Mornington Peninsula Shire.)

Aerial photgraph Police Point Shire Park.jpg

Some photos I took when I visited in late 2017.

A couple of years ago I was an artist in residence at Flinders Island. Fantastic experience, which lead to my obsession with the shapes and textures of that windswept coastal heathland. Point Nepean has similar vegetation, buffeted by the winds off the Southern Ocean. I want to wander through that environment, with my sketchbook, looking at the shapes, noticing the details. Then back in the cottage I want to explore how to translate what I see onto the paper.

I will be using watercolour, and sewing onto the paper. (My sewing machine has gone for a service, to make sure it is in tip top condition.) I would like to explore ways to work larger because at the moment I am constrained by manoeuvring the paper around the machine.

But I want to be open to creativity, to let the ideas dance and sing in my brain.

On the practical side, there are art supply shops in towns along the coast road down the Peninsula….just in case I need something vital! And while I don’t want to come back home, it is nice to know it is only a few hours away.

It will be important to not fritter my time away, and I know how good I am at doing that! So, to make myself accountable I am going to try to post on Instagram and Facebook each day, and have a weekly round up here. So, if you would like to follow along with me, I would love to have your company.

26 replies on “Off to Police Point”

What a fabulous opportunity! I think peninsulas are really interesting places with all that edge and often the two sides are different. Enjoy your break from the humdrum world and I will look forward to seeing what emerges.


I hadn’t thought about peninsulas like that. I love islands, especially the feeling of being surrounded by ocean, and peninsulas are very similar. Thank you for making that connection for me. I am looking forward to exploring the coast lines.

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What a great opportunity! I’m sure you’ll make the most of it. Can’t wait to see what comes out. Are you going alone?
For the bigger works, you might sew separate pieces and collage them onto a larger background. Just one idea, I’m sure. Xx


It is a great opportunity, and I am very excited! I like your ideas about creating separate pieces and sewing them together. (I probably like it because I had been thinking along the same lines 😉)


And here’s me not on IG or FB… Never mind, I’m sure you’ll have a good post or two up your sleeve when you get back. Have a wonder-filled, creative and peaceful time. We’ll see you when you get back 🙂


Wasn’t that test interesting? I felt constrained by the either/or choices, but it made me think. I wonder what we would be if we did it again! As for the AiR….I am getting very excited.


Fabulous opportunity for an artist and i’m sure you’ll come up with some wonderful pieces which I will look out for on here (not being a fan of FB or IG).
For the sewing pieces, I was thinking the same – doing smaller pieces and putting them together afterwards somehow.


I feel so lucky to have this opportunity, to take a month out of my life and only create. Luxury!
Thanks for your thoughts on working larger. I will certainly play with those ideas. Will I be making a quilt?!!


yes – but I was quite restricted in what I could take (took some strange things)…things I had wished I hadn’t, as something else would’ve been better. One might have thought since I was restricted on a previous retreat trip on art supplies, I might have been equipped this time 🙂
Considering going away again…not for as long BUT to stay put in one place…


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