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Another adventure in the pipeline

Much of my time lately has been taken up with painting our hallway. Our house is an older Victorian terrace, with a loooong hall — over 11 metres — and ceilings of about 3 metres. It has been waiting to … Continue reading

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Naoshima, the Japanese Art Island

Lately I have swapped my little watercolour brushes for a big one, to paint our hallway. That’s one of the reasons I haven’t finished telling you about my adventures in Japan. I have also been doing a workshop to help … Continue reading

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Fabric and fashion in Japan

Before leaving I researched fabric shops in Osaka and Kyoto. My intention was to buy small off-cuts and fabric to use as background for my embroidered trees. How lucky I wasn’t intending to buy dress material – I could have … Continue reading

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How was your trip?

Well, thank you so much for asking. My trip to Japan was fantastic, and will spawn a number of blog posts! This first one will be a general overview of the cities I visited. There will be lots more traveller’s … Continue reading

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10 things that marriage equality won’t do

Originally posted on Meeka's Mind:
A co-worker brought in a pamphlet yesterday. The heading read ‘3 ways gay marriage will change the classroom’. And I quote ‘More radical gay & lesbian sex ‘education’ programs in schools‘ like Safe Schools…

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Yes, I am off on an adventure to Japan. I have been Japlanning, a termed coined by a woman in my Pilates group. My Piladies [women who do Pilates!] are my go-to people for so many things. Anyway, my head … Continue reading

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Winter textile work

When I create a post I write, add photos, edit and then press ‘publish’. Most of the writing has happened in my head, so I am usually happy with what I write. This post has been different; this is the … Continue reading

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The Sketchbook in all its glory!

The other day the Fella brought in a box left by the postie. Immediately I knew it was the Sketchbook. Normally I dive right into things, but this was one parcel I wanted to savour. I sat down with a … Continue reading

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The Sketchbook has completed its journey!

Just a very short post to let you know that the Sketchbook has come back to me. It left about April of last year and travelled safely around the world. And it is BEAUTIFUL! I will show you pictures and … Continue reading

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Now, here’s the nest

Last post I put the nest in the title, and made no more mention of it! So, here’s the nest. Kate from Tall tales from Chiconia had the joy of watching a sun bird build and raise a family in … Continue reading

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