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Beckler’s Botanical Bounty: The flora of Menindee

This is the very elegant hero image for our exhibition Beckler’s Botanical Bounty: The flora of Menindee. The Art Gallery of Ballarat Saturday 24th February to Sunday May 27th Yes, it opens in just over a week……I am so excited! … Continue reading

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An update on the Beckler’s Botanical Bounty Project

If you have been following my blog for a while you will remember the annual trips that the Fella and I make up to Menindee, a little country town about an hour out of Broken Hill. If you are new … Continue reading

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Travel theme: Earth

Thanks to Ailsa at Where’s my backpack? for this theme, which is in celebration of Earth Day. Hopefully we will be able to encourage our politicians to have policies that support our Earth too. It is tempting to publish beautiful … Continue reading

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Continuing across the Nullarbor

The other day I left you on the South Australian/Western Australian border on the Eyre Highway, about half way across the Nullarbor. This was the full journey we were on, from Melbourne, Victoria to Bunbury in Western Australia, a trip … Continue reading

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Turtle research on Raine Island

I have a layperson’s interest in environmental sciences, and visiting the Great Barrier Reef has made me interested in finding out more about its ecosystems. This link gives you an overview of some of the research being carried out on Raine Island, … Continue reading

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Ahh, the warmth of Port Douglas…and the Great Barrier Reef

Melbourne is chilly this time of the year (although, as I write this the sun is shining and I am contemplating turning the heater off). So, like many Melbournians, we set off to Port Douglas to find some sun. Actually, the … Continue reading

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Sustainable watering

Lately I have been very busy with my job at the holiday programme. I had forgotten how tiring it is to get up with an alarm at 6:00 and then work the day. I know that most of you do … Continue reading

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It’s surprising what lives there…..

Even though I have travelled up to Menindee for five years now I am always surprised by the diversity in the environment. As I have said a few times, you look out the car window and see a flat, dry, uninteresting … Continue reading

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The southern Flinders Ranges

After we left our magical overnight camping ground, and our lovely new neighbours (and all the flies!), we spent some nights in Rawnsley Park Station. We stayed there two years ago, and this link will tell you more about the history … Continue reading

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The Ridge Top Tour at Arkaroola

Whenever I told people who had been up to way that we were heading up to Arkaroola they all said the same thing –“Don’t miss the Ridge Top Tour”. Having done it, I am now one of those who will … Continue reading

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