Beckler's Botanical Bounty Odds and Ends

Beckler’s Botanical Bounty: The flora of Menindee


This is the very elegant hero image for our exhibition Beckler’s Botanical Bounty: The flora of Menindee.

The Art Gallery of Ballarat

Saturday 24th February to Sunday May 27th

Yes, it opens in just over a week……I am so excited! I can promise you photos galore.


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2 replies on “Beckler’s Botanical Bounty: The flora of Menindee”

Anne, I’m excited for your exhibition. I wish I could see it in person, especially since I’ll be so much closer than normal. It’s been interesting following you through your trips, sketches, and finished drawings and learning more about the project. That is indeed an elegant illustration for the exhibit. You must be so excited. I’m looking forward to seeing your photos as they emerge. I love your newsletter. I’ve done paper versions of newsletters, back in the day, so I know the work and dedication that goes into one. I hope you’re gathering a good following. Hugs to you.


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