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Travel theme: Earth

Thanks to Ailsa at Where’s my backpack? for this theme, which is in celebration of Earth Day. Hopefully we will be able to encourage our politicians to have policies that support our Earth too.

It is tempting to publish beautiful photos of sunsets or mountains or glorious landscapes. I want to show you one of my favourite parts of the Earth, the area around Menindee. It is an arid area of Western New South Wales, an hour away from Broken Hill. It is flat and looks uninspiring. However, the more you look, the more beauty you see in this unique landscape.

Big skies…..


red dirt…..


and amazing colours.


What part of our Earth do you cherish?

12 replies on “Travel theme: Earth”

It’s funny, but wherever I am becomes my favourite spot… This Earth is so full of beauty, both obvious and secret, wherever you look there is something to cherish and appreciate. But ultimately, the places where my soul is most peaceful are empty and open, hills and beaches for preference!


I love your austere, beautiful photos–subtle and so compelling! It’s a tough time for the Earth, and if our current leadership in the US gets its way . . . heaven help the Earth.


It is the sort of country that is easy to dismiss as uninteresting, boring. However, like many places like that, the more you look the more beauty you see. I agree about current leadership. I know your new administration is cutting funding to many environmental organisations, such as the EPA. Our government is in thrall to the big coal companies, and is looking for ways to promote coal, including the ridiculous notion of “clean coal”.


It is certainly red, Cathy, and when you travel on dusty outback roads it gets into everything! The Yorkshire moors look like my sort of place too ~ windswept and dramatic. Thanks for sharing your places.


Anne, what lovely photos. I love that red soil. I’ve never seen anything like it. I’ve always dreamed of visiting Australia, and seeing these photos enhances that desire. I hope to get there one day, to see some of your beautiful country. I cherish all of the earth and appreciate the diversity it offers: oceans, mountains, meadows and forests. I feel at my best in wide open spaces.


I hope you can get here, Alys, as there is so much to see. I have always wanted to get to the Grand Canyon, and Yosemite and the desert mesas and lots of other places in the States! It is interesting that the places mentioned in the comments here are wide open spaces. I wonder if it reflects anything about our needs at the moment.


Anne, I’m sure you’re right. Space to breathe, to meditate on life, to escape the darkness are all in short supply right now. I’ve not been to the Grand Canyon yet myself, but it too is on the list. There is so much of the world to see. I hope to travel a lot more when my youngest heads to college in another year and a half. I will meet you one day, Anne. I feel it in my bones. xo


We spent our first in Australia in Wagga Wagga, and although I’m not sure I’d want to live there /now/, for my inner four year old, Wagga and the Murrumbidge will always be ‘Australia’. And in an odd way, home.


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