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A selection of my collages ~ wetlands and rock pools. Some work well, some not so well. What do you think?

Firstly, big virtual hugs and kisses to you all, for letting me know that you are thinking of me. You make blogging and connecting a joy. I am doing well, with only a little stiffness, and my energy levels are okay. I have even been making lists, a sure sign that I am getting back to normal.

Secondly, my art work.

I can’t remember what I have told you, so let’s go back a little.

I did an online course with Tara Axford during our first lockdown last year, maybe in April? One of the many things I learnt and loved was collaging. The loving part was a very nice surprise. In our second Melbourne lockdown we could only leave home for 4 reasons; one was exercise within a 5km radius. I spent a lot of time down at my local urban wetlands and the reeds and reflections fascinated me.

Collaging and wetlands came together.

Then I found out I had been accepted to have an exhibition at the Old Auction House in Kyneton. How exciting it that! August is still a way off, but it seems to be approaching at a rather quick pace. I am building up a body of collages to exhibit.

So far I have worked on two series.

The first is of the wetlands. Some are abstract reinterpretations.

Some are more realistic.

Then I decided to switch my focus to rock pools.

Over Christmas I was lucky enough to spend time at my sister’s beach house at Somers. Somers beach has the most amazing rock pools, with colours that took my breath away. And just happened to be the colours I have been using. How could I not be smitten by something like this?

Most of the time I can tell whether the collage has worked or not. There is something that makes me smile and feel satisfied. I don’t get that feeling from the rock pools I have done so far.

The last one is the only one that resonates. For me the first two are neither realistic nor abstract enough, neither one nor the other. I would love to know what you think.

I am not giving up on the rock pools. I need to loosen up, to let go of the detail until the last; not try to recreate them as they are, instead let the paint and shapes tell me what to do.

As for the painting, all of these have been ‘painted’ with an old credit card, which I use to scrape the paint across the paper. There is little control, but wonderful effects. Then I cut out the shapes that I see in the paint. Simple and works for me!

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Here my thoughts:

your rock pools have “life” in them – so you need to create that. Make some wrapped entities with fabric and thread (or similar) but they need to be 3D or stitch into the paper pool, add things that glow (sunlight reflecting off the pool water) – do you have any sequins. As for the water you need that – so do you have any acetate (clear) that you either put under the 3D entities or above them.

What are the entities? – some will be attached: limpets – other will float like pieces of kelp or seaweed – there might be a crab in a shell – little tiny fish darting about – pieces of sea frosted glass, even the odd other left behind by a fisherman, a bent fish hook. And I think I’ve said once “leaves” if your final rockpools are near trees and remember there often trees at the shore line – leaves blow down to your pool nd float on your new “water”

You want to show that the pool has depth – plus it’s not just one pool but little off shoots – because rocks are never flat in that sea format – the rocks have little offshoot pools in them

you might even want to go one step further and have a person such as a child who is staring intently into your pool. They’ve got their bathers on, rubber sandals and a sunhat with a little net and their sandcastle bucket…

Once you have all YOUR ENTITIES – then build you rockpool/s

Just my thoughts but hope that will help…CLARIFY what your “rockpools” are about…and remember you won’t be recreating real limpets or even seaweed, it will be abstract but it should convey what is in a ROCKPOOL anywhere with a good tidal sea format…

Enjoy πŸ™‚

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I think I can see some rock pools in your future, Catherine! You would make some fantastic 3D ones yourself. Thanks for your thoughts and ideas. I have played around with rocks and pebbles but they haven’t quite come off. I am captured by the rocks!

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okay – then I see them reverting (or progressing from) back to your “cliffs” from your time at the Artists in Residence time frame

“as to rocks & pools in my future” – I like my “gardens with house collages” and I’m attracted to “green things” including leaves and trees and indirectly vintage and pseudo old timey πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

another thought – take it any way you please – “add more layers of your rocks” – maybe not just paper but have some fabric…

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There is certainly a strong connection to the cliffs I was painting at my AIR. I have always been fascinated by rock formations.
At the moment I am working my way through collages as simply paper based, exploring how far I can take that. There may well be a time to use fabric and other things, but I don’t think I am there yet. Maybe I am unsure about how I would work those other elements in.

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She has given me some great ideas, and much food for thought. As I said in my reply to her, I have played with smaller rocks and pebbles but I can’t get them to work properly. More play needed!


I think you are doing rather well developing your own unique take on the rockpools. I’d find it rather distracting to have all sorts of external introduced elements. What I’m personally missing in the images is the reflections, an element you handled really well in the wetlands series. Here, you are looking mostly from overhead, so I’m expecting flakes and streaks of light on the water’s surface, reflected from the sky. Your first, round, pool almost has it, in the desaturated area on the lower right, giving the impression of light on the surface.

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You are right, Kate, and it is the reflections that I love in the reeds. However, the water in the pools is very different as it is still and usually very clear ~ we have all put our foot into a pool, not realising there is water there! I am thinking about cellophane, but the edges of it would need to be tucked away under the other paper.

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I love your wetlands series and am fascinated by how you created them. The rock pools are a bit static. I think Kate is right – some reflections. Although Cedar’s idea might be fun to try too. It is great that you have an exhibition to work towards and well deserved. Also pleased to hear that you are feeling better and more mobile.

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If I was better at videos I would do a (short!) demo on how I ‘paint’. It is a great deal of fun, and I think the energy of painting that way creates a life to the works.It’s that energy that I think is missing in the rock pools. Thanks again for your good wishes, Sue.

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oooh good luck with getting everything ready for exhibition!
I actually like your first rockpool – yes it does maybe lack depth, but I found my eyes drawn to that lower right corner, looking to see if I could spot a shrimp ^^


That reaction gave me a big smile! Thank you! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could pop over here for the exhibition?
We certainly did have strong restrictions and we were under them for over 100 days. However, now we have very little community transmission.

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Yes, things come together ~ ‘the crystallisation of inspiration”, I love that phrase!. I am also pondering your concept of simplicity and complexity. I wonder if that is what abstract art is.

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I can’t add anything to the technical side of the discussion, but just as a ‘looker’, the rock pools look a bit flat? To me, the joy of rock pools is the sense of depth. I have no idea how you would even begin to create that in a painting or collage, but I’m sure you’ll find a way. πŸ™‚

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Wiser people than I have already given you some artistic criticism and advice and, as I’m out of my comfort zone here, I can’t add anything to that.
You will get to where you want to be with the rock pools in the end, I’m sure of it.

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