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I have finished another similar work, so these SAL posts are more about the series of them, rather than an individual piece. I seem to be able to finish them within the three weeks of SALs.

When a name for the series popped into my head it struck me that these works are becoming a serious series. So, they are part of the series…..

Postcards from Liminal Time.

(Curious about liminal time? I wrote my thoughts about it in an earlier post.)

This latest one is the same size as the others ~ 12 x 17 cm ~ a little bigger than a postcard. It also follows the same ideas of being uncertain about the future, that my art is changing without a clear idea of where I will be. There is also the theme of emerging/disappearing, covered/uncovered and impermanence.

You can see that I have torn up a watercolour of my favourite melaleuca trees. When I painted it I was experimenting with creating forests. This was one of the early attempts, that didn’t quite work.

I worked quite hard on this embroidery. For some reason it didn’t flow, especially the top part, the red couched threads. I think it got there in the end. I am not really happy with the the tree on the right ~ or more specifically the band of rust/yellow stitching that runs across it. It is too dense for the paper, too definite. I couldn’t unpick it, because of course the needle holes would still be there. The best I could do was distract the eye with more stitching, without making the same mistake of the stitching being too dense.

What I do like, and this was unplanned, is the notion that the top part is a little like the tree canopy and the bottom grasses and undergrowth.

I am part of a group of stitchers who share their personal stitching work every three weeks. Go and have a look at the wonderful work that is being done all around the world. Everyone is doing something very different, but always interesting.

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I’m seeing more “coloured threads” appearing…I like the idea of having a “series” that feel the same size. It would be like looking at a time line (liminal) of how one progressed – and with possibly some notes of the time – was it a period of happiness or was there a stressor in the background.

I’m not talking about c/19 exactly because as we have all found out – “selves” keep on doing what needs to be done in a “normal kind of way”. Yes there is still the c/19 there but just maybe we have slightly adjusted to it…and general life goes on. I’m not making much sense!

We still get up and get dressed, the washing machine still runs, along with a vacuum cleaner – but then there might be a week where “not much stitching was achieved” because the car battery died and it was awkward finding a repair person. And this caused us to have to “put down our art work”…

These series reminds me of what I did in L/4 with the Golden paint kit with the small canvases…maybe I should do that kind of thing with the Gelli plate but with some 200grm A4 soft card cut into “one small size”

ummmmmmmmm I’ve got myself sidetracked with through your “series” 🙂

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Good to know that these works sidetracked you, Catherine! General life does go on (although I am not sure about the vacuuming!), but I am still bound by only having 4 reasons to leave the house. I still feel a little stuck in time.
I wonder how these embroideries will change as I go on. Already I am feeling that that they are a little more planned, a little less spontaneous.

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I like the name “Postacrds from a Liminal Time” – the painted trees seemed trapped under the thread in much the same way many of us are trapped in our homes or locality. It think it conveys life’s uncertainty very well.

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Thanks Emma. I hadn’t thought of ‘trapped’, but it is certainly accurate, and needs to be added to my words. I suppose the trees show this well as we can see they are trees. The others were more abstract.

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I love the idea of a series of postcards! When you reach the end, whenever that may be, please will you post them as a gallery so I can see the progression?

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To be honest, I hadn’t thought of ‘trapped’ and ‘bound’, but they do fit the experiences of many.
All the best Art certainly does come from the Heart!


Thanks Cathie. There are always favourites aren’t there? I am working on an embroidery at the moment that is so wrong I have to unpick it. The piece of paper is in the wrong place and it snags my eye every time I look at it.


I love the idea that they, the trees, are still there behind the barriers of stitching. It’s like the countryside is waiting for the time when I can travel more that 5 km. Thanks for another interesting idea to add to mix of my thoughts.


Have you had any thoughts yet as to how you will “finish” these pieces? Will they be mounted and framed, just stretched and hung, or are they so experimental still that that decision has yet to be made? It will be interesting to see them all displayed together eventually. I love that you can complete a new piece within the three weeks of the SAL!

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Sue, I have some canvas boards that I am thinking of attaching them to, by wrapping the material over the edges and stapling it down on the back. I will look into other ways. However, I want something that allows the texture of the pieces to be prominent. Any thoughts/


As I started to read your post that question occurred to me, “what happens if you don’t want that stitch you placed on paper?” Sounds like you have to plan accordingly! I guess you could always purposely poke more random holes so it looks intentional to the design, or stitch an “X” or french knot where accidental holes show up 🙂 Regardless, I’m loving your progress on this and seeing those watercolor trees pop through.

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Good question, Christina. Usually I just accept the randomness of the stitching. It is difficult to control where the needle will come up, although I am finding I am getting a little better at it. I will have to think more about it with the current one. One f the fragments of paper is in the wrong spot, so I will have to unpick it and sew it back down again. I am sure I will have unwanted holes. French knots may be a good solution!


I learn so much from reading everyone’s pages – not least new vocabulary! Had to look up the word ‘liminal’ first and then relook at your work. The title is very apt and I love this piece (especially the colours against the blue background) – I think we can all be a little too critical of our own work.


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