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Some Odds and Sods

A few bits and bobs, odds and sods for you today.

I was procrastinating about the second square for my sister’s grandson’s quilt. I got some excellent ideas from many of you. Thank you for your helpful suggestions and ideas; in the end I went with a stylised car.

Can you tell that I had a little trouble appliquéing smooth curves? I wouldn’t want to travel too far with those wheels!

If you read my fortnightly newsletter (and the next one is due this weekend, sign up here if you would like to know more about my art) you will know that I have two collages accepted into an exhibition at our council gallery. It is a community based exhibition, designed to celebrate the opening of the gallery.

My two works are abstract representations of the wetlands that I have become fascinated with over the last few months. You may remember my post about it.

Both are so different to the fine, detailed realistic work of my previous botanic art. However, I have been moving in this direction over the last few years.

The paper for the reeds was created by smearing acrylic paint around on photocopy paper, mainly using an old credit card. Then I cut around the shapes that look to me like reeds. The papers for the sky and water were printed with my gelli plate.

If, by chance, you are around Moonee Ponds at any time soon, drop in. The exhibition opens next Tuesday, 23rd June at:

The Incinerator Gallery

Holmes Rd

Moonee Ponds

You may wonder about why it is called the Incinerator Gallery. Check out their website to find out more, including opening hours and social distancing measures.

The other news is that we sold out caravan the other day. If you have been reading my blog for a few years you might remember some of the trips the Fella and I did in our little Avan. The last big trip was the dash over the Nullabor Plain to Western Australia. Unfortunately it is a few years since we went travelling, and when we did it was obvious that it was becoming more and more difficult for the Fella.

We had tossed around the idea of selling it. However, whenever we thought about it, the problems associated with getting it ready were too much. The big issue was that it is difficult to park it in our suburban street and we have no off-street parking. To get it ready for sale would mean having outside our place for an indefinite period, irritating the neighbours, the school over the road and the parking inspectors. It was easier to leave it out the back of our friend’s large country block.

Then we got a phone call out of the blue. The buyer, John, is a friend of the friend in the country. He had seen the van, understood that maybe it needed a new battery, regassing of the air-conditioning, new seals etc, but offered to buy it without even going inside. An offer too good to refuse! It got better when he was happy to do all the paperwork and clean it out.

So now our little van is off on different adventures.

Will I miss it? I miss the idea of being able to take off. There were still lots of places left to explore, and I never did get to travel up to the Kimberleys. However, I know that currently it is not realistic. So I am glad there is one less thing to sort out, one less little niggle to be dealt with.

What will I miss? I will miss the chance to immerse myself in different habitats, being able to wander; but you don’t need a van to be able to do that. I will miss the quiet and stillness, especially in the evenings. The Fella always goes to bed way before I do, so evenings in the van were a time to read, sketch, journal, catch-up with myself, to listen to the night sounds.

Camped at Moody Bluff Rest Area, Nullarbor Plain, New Year’s Eve, 2016 (Photo copyright: Anne Lawson, 2016)

And lastly, a photo of the framed collage I dropped to the Incinerator Gallery. It is being guarded by a snake, created by my talented brother. His iso-art has been to create mosaic snakes!

17 replies on “Some Odds and Sods”

Interesting how in this new time period, things just evolve and it looks like your wee Avan did the same for you both… It frees up what you might be able to do together in the future. And your new work, great news about taking it out to see other people, real time…the history of the Incinerator Gallery so more than a plain old incinerator … it might have been hard to see what it was when it was a “working appliance”…

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You are right Catherine, this has been a period of evolution in many areas, including how we do holidays in the future. We had talked about going to cabins in camping grounds, which often have the advantage of indoor bathrooms. Using camping ground amenities is certainly something I will not miss!

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Knowing how much we love our caravan, I can appreciate it must have been a bit of a wrench and a very bittersweet moment to wave goodbye to the Avan so easily and simply. There is nothing quite like one’s own little home away from home, stuffed full of the ‘useful and beautiful’ and many memories. But on the other side of the coin, it removes a worry, a responsibility and an option now out of reach.
I love your looser abstract work. I hope to see lots more of it!

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I can get sentimentally attached to objects. Selling my car would be very difficult! So yes, it was a bitter sweet moment. However, I was very realistic about it, as it was not only the right decision, but one made so easy for us. It helps that the new owner seems to be a really nice guy, and highly recommended by our friend.
Thanks for the feedback on the collages. They are certainly on the wild side. And yes, there are more in the pipeline.

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Renting is a good option. We have thought about going to cabins in caravan parks, which often have the advantage of internal bathrooms. I would be happy never to have to use a camping ground amenity again! I am happy with the wheels, but I will give my sister the option of buttons if she would like.

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I am enjoying both your realistic work and your more abstract. Good luck with the exhibition. Giving up the caravan must have been hard but it sounds as though the complications of keeping it were outweighing the pleasure you were able to get from it. The new owner will get much joy from it and you will find new ways of exploring and travelling that you can both enjoy. We had to sell our much loved boat when it was vandalised just at the same time as my husband became ill – we couldn’t afford the repairs and the insurers were not being helpful but nor could we pay the rent to keep it on land. I thought I would miss it more than I did and I have never regretted getting rid of the worry of it. Life moves on.

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Your experience with your boat sums up ours with the van. Life has certainly moved on. We haven’t even thought about using it for a couple of years, and, as you say, the complications of keeping it were far outweighing any pleasure. It is a good opportunity to reminisce about all the places we have been.


Your collage looks lovely all framed up, the colours are gorgeous.
Sorry about your caravan but you enjoyed it for a while. I’ve never had a caravan but we did have a posh tent which, personally, I couldn’t wait to see the back of. Just do what I do, go by car and insist on a nice hotel 🤣

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Oh, we started our adventures with a tent, and like you, I couldn’t wait to see the back of it. It took forever to pack up. All the other campers would have hitched up their vans and be on the road, while we were still lumping boxes around. And we would have started packing while they were still enjoying a leisurely breakfast! So glad those days have gone 😃


I do like your abstract paintings, I like the colours in them. A suggestion if you ever have to applique circles again, cut the shape in card, lay it in the middle of the fabric circle, lay both onto a piece of tinfoil and scrunch the tinfoil all over and round the circle, rubbing the edges to get it as flat as poss. Press with iron, allow to cool then carefully remove card from fabric and it will be in a perfect circle, all ready to stitch on. Sounds fiddly but takes 2 minutes :-).

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Margaret, that’s a fantastic idea! As you know I enjoy working with fabric, and I can see myself doing more appliqué. This will be a very handy idea to have tucked into my toolbox. Thank you.


That’s a lot of good news, Anne! Congratulations on the exhibition, and also on the painless sale of the van. Once the pandemic is finally over for good, maybe you and the fella could get a 4-wheel drive and explore via country hotels? Or…something that caught my fancy years ago, hire a gypsy caravan complete with Clydesdale and go clip clopping from place to place. 🙂
Speaking of /our/ pandemic, I’m so relieved Dan Andrews has stopped/slowed the reopening. I know that part of the reason we have high numbers is because none of the other states are doing as much testing, but still. If it’s loose in the community, it’s probably being spread by asymptomatic carriers, meaning anybody at all.
Hope you and The Fella stay well, and your Mum too. -hugs-


Lovely to see your creative life in motion again… even if your travelling life is at a junction… reinvention is the granddaughter of necessity! And freedom in future choice possibilities rather than sticking with those made previously… so many Airbnb’s now, regional and tourism area caravan parks with cabins, motels, hotels will appreciate custom once the covid19 situation is safe.


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