My art work SAL

SAL ~ The Forest Regenerates

Progress! Yay! This is where I was last time

contemporary embroidery

and now I have filled in the bottom left section, turning them into trees.

A close up of where I have been working

I am not sure that the trunks are right, but they are easy to take out and restitch. I’ll evaluate them later. Sometimes it helps to just let things sit, doesn’t it?

While I have finished the canopy it is not time to do the Happy Finished Dance just yet. There is still some touching up to do.

I started at the top and gathered confidence as I worked my way down. Some of the early work needs going over and I need to work out what I am doing right at the top. Some of those darker chain stitch areas may come out. It will depend on what looks right.

So, close to being finished, but not quite yet.

These Stitch-A-Long posts are hosted by Avis, and we do them for pleasurable stitching, stitching just for ourselves. Do go and have a look at the other fabulous stitchers from around the world ~ just follow the links below. I am sure you will be amazed by their creativity. (Their posts may not be up just yet due to time differences.)

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38 replies on “SAL ~ The Forest Regenerates”

yes “leaving to sit” and then later, you look with fresh eyes….as long as it’s not a year or two later when “nothing looks right”. Because, you’ve moved along the trail and little, your skill base has changed and so forth. I was looking at something that had been sitting well over a year and I can see I would rather do xyz to it…possible because there are wide channels to add something.

It’s been a bit like my revived culinary skills of which, some of them I never had in the first place! I just imagine “self say 2 years ago” even wanting to make a kind of curry….


yes, since this is your own design and you’re adapting as you go, you definitely need to take time to stand back and admire from a distance ^^


Sometimes an idea comes into my head fully formed and I just have to make it happen. Often I get an inkling, start, stop, wait, see the next step…. Sometimes I think I have finished it and I see something that sparks another tweak. Neither is right or wrong for me – just different processes. I love the way the piece is shaping up. I hope you are enjoying the making and thinking as well as looking forward to the finished article.


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