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I would like to thank…. #3, and a small update on suspended coffees

This time I would like to take the time to thank a man who took the time to help us.

A couple of weekends ago the Fella and I went off holidaying in Alice the Caravan. Now before we start our journeys we always check her lights. Usually I can give the thumbs up every time — all working beautifully. However, this time the brake lights didn’t show up. The Fella cleaned the connection, another check and everything was lighting up as it should. Off we went.

Not far down the road, while stopped at traffic lights, the Kind Stranger came and told us the lights weren’t working. We pulled over, cleaned the connection and checked the lights again. All okay, so off again. We stopped a few more times to check and everything was fine.

A big THANK YOU to our Kind Stranger, who took the time to get out of his car to let us know. And a Thank You to all of you who have done the same thing, saving potential accidents. New cars have globe failure alerts, but Alice is a caravan of the more mature variety! Such technology has completely passed her by.

And an update on suspended coffee….

(If suspended coffee is a new idea, have a look here. If you want to catch up with what has been going on in my little suburb of the bloggersphere, have a look here.)

Today I went to my market coffee shop, Coffea Coffee, and asked if they would like a leaflet about the suspended coffees I have been buying. The chap taking the money remembered me as the “suspended coffee lady”! He willingly took the leaflet and seemed interested in following it up. As he said, “Too easy!”

2 replies on “I would like to thank…. #3, and a small update on suspended coffees”

What are these globe failure alerts you speak of? I like the sound of that! Our caravan is a shiny new one but the old girl towing it is of a more primitive design… I also check the lights before each take off. The 4wd has an intermittent and mysterious fuse blowing problem which means when we are towing we have to pull one particular fuse out before we put the car in reverse otherwise there are multiple dashboard failures when we put her back into go!
It doesn’t take much to help someone and a simple gesture like that can make all the difference can’t it, this can be applied equally to the suspended coffees and the kind stranger! 😀


The kindness of strangers is so much better than being stopped by a policeman to tell you you have a light out, or worse, having a car run into Alice. I joined the FB page, and it seems from what I see there, suspended coffees are growing in popularity…


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