How does my garden grow? Melbourne Plants

How does my garden grow… early Autumn? (Part 3)

How does my garden grow... early Autumn?  (Part 3)

My garden is small, so I love the borrowed landscape that my neighbours provide. I see this beautiful tree from my kitchen and often thank my unknown neighbours for planting it.

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I would like to thank…. #3, and a small update on suspended coffees

This time I would like to take the time to thank a man who took the time to help us.

A couple of weekends ago the Fella and I went off holidaying in Alice the Caravan. Now before we start our journeys we always check her lights. Usually I can give the thumbs up every time — all working beautifully. However, this time the brake lights didn’t show up. The Fella cleaned the connection, another check and everything was lighting up as it should. Off we went.

Not far down the road, while stopped at traffic lights, the Kind Stranger came and told us the lights weren’t working. We pulled over, cleaned the connection and checked the lights again. All okay, so off again. We stopped a few more times to check and everything was fine.

A big THANK YOU to our Kind Stranger, who took the time to get out of his car to let us know. And a Thank You to all of you who have done the same thing, saving potential accidents. New cars have globe failure alerts, but Alice is a caravan of the more mature variety! Such technology has completely passed her by.

And an update on suspended coffee….

(If suspended coffee is a new idea, have a look here. If you want to catch up with what has been going on in my little suburb of the bloggersphere, have a look here.)

Today I went to my market coffee shop, Coffea Coffee, and asked if they would like a leaflet about the suspended coffees I have been buying. The chap taking the money remembered me as the “suspended coffee lady”! He willingly took the leaflet and seemed interested in following it up. As he said, “Too easy!”

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I would like to thank….#2 — follow up

Last week I wrote aboutsuspended coffees. It’s a very simple idea. You go into a participating coffee shop, buy coffee for yourself and a ‘suspended’ coffee. That’s a free coffee, available for someone in need. All they need to do is ask the cafe if there are any ‘suspended coffees’ available.

Thanks to Meeka who reblogged my blog, and to people who commented so positively on her blog and mine. So many people seem to respond to the idea. Time for an update on what I know.

Firstly, I went into our cafe at the Victoria Market, Melbourne, ordered my 2 lattes and asked if they do suspended coffees. The chap taking the order didn’t know about them, but the one making the coffee said he had heard about it. They had a quick chat and seemed to know someone who would benefit from the coffee. So I paid for my 2 and the extra. The man ordering next to me said that he would do it too.

The shop is Coffea Coffee, top end of Elizabeth St, right next to the entrance to the meat section of the market, and they make excellent coffee. Next week when I buy our coffee I will buy a suspended one and give them some information about the concept.

Which leads me to my second part of the update. There is a Facebook page, Suspended Coffee Society Melbourne, to like. They have set up a website which details cafes that are on board with the concept. As well they have fliers and information to give to shops.

That’s what I know about suspended coffees in Melbourne. I am sure that other cities will have Facebook pages of their own.

Have you anything to add to the update? I would love to hear from you.

Suspended Coffee Melbourne Logo
Suspended Coffee Melbourne Logo


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I would like to thank #2…….

Sometimes in our busy lives the smaller kindnesses can get overlooked and eaten up. One of my aims is to stop, to take the time to acknowledge the kindness, to say “Thank you”.

One of my simple pleasures is to go to the Victoria Market to do the shopping. (More on the Vic Market in another post.) We go to a coffee shop in Elizabeth St and over the Summer have been sitting outside. I saw the following happen. (I noticed this a little while ago and was going to post it. I didn’t get to it, and then serendipity stepped in and showed me a blog along the same lines.)

An elderly, probably homeless, man walked along the street. He was stopped by another man who was sitting having coffee. The elderly gent was told to sit down while the coffee drinker went into the cafe. After a little while the elderly gent had a latte and a piece of cake to eat. I was really touched by the simple gesture of the coffee drinking man. What an easy thing to do, and yet I have never thought of doing it. So thanks to him for the gesture, and for showing me the way.

Then recently I came across a blog on a similar theme. This is the link. It tells the story of a coffee drinker finding out about ‘suspended’ coffees. While you are buying your coffee, you can buy a ‘suspended’ coffee. Homeless people can come into the cafe and ask for a ‘suspended’ coffee. In some places you can also buy ‘suspended’ sandwiches or other food.

I think that is a wonderful idea, and would like to be able to do it in Melbourne.

So, what do I hear only a little while after I wrote that? There is a move afoot to have suspended coffees here. They have a Facebook page (of course!), and are starting to gather momentum. Next time I go into that coffee shop at the Vic Market I will ask them about suspended coffees — and let you know.

(Don’t you love it when the universe lines up?)

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I would like to thank….. #1

Sometimes in our busy lives the smaller kindnesses can get overlooked and eaten up. One of my aims is to stop, to take the time to acknowledge the kindness, to say “Thank you”. One example came my way this week.

On Tuesday morning, we found a baby possum lying on the paving under the clothes line. She was a tiny ball of wet fur, shaking slightly. (Later my partner asked me how I knew it was female. I said because she was strong and courageous! As it turned out, she was a he. Oh well, still strong and courageous!)

We put him in a box lined with newspaper, and investigated wildlife organizations. It took a while to get on to someone — and that conversation happened because the carer took the time to get back to me. She said we needed to get the possum to a vet as soon as possible.

So I took the little fellow (still thinking she was a little lass!) to the vet. The receptionist told me that the vet would look at him, and if all was well, pass him onto a wildlife carer. I went back yesterday to find out what had happened.

As it turned out, while he survived the night and went to a carer, he died during the day. Poor little thing.

So, I want to acknowledge my vet, Noel Smith, and his staff for the time they volunteer to help hurt wildlife. And more widely, all those other vets and wildlife carers who do so much to help animals injured as a result of our presence. Our world would be a poorer place with out them.