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Three more paintings

I am running a little behind with posting my works for the exhibition, so here comes three at once!

They are still in the water ribbons series, although the first one is of reeds more than the water ribbons. I think that’s the one that will be chosen as the hero image for the exhibition.

I love that term ‘hero image’. It is the painting that is used as the image for the exhibition, on promo materials and grand banners, if I was having one of those! Instead I think it will be on the website of the Incinerator Art Gallery website, which is organising the exhibition. Maybe on the Library’s material too.

This one is cropped too tightly. While the water ribbons are close to the left edge, there are more showing than in this photo.

Tomorrow is the big day, when the works will be hung in the Library. I will have photos to show you very soon! Thanks for all the positive support and feedback you have been giving me.

I respectfully acknowledge the traditional custodians of this land on which I live – the Wurundjeri Woi-wurrung People of the Kulin Nation, their spirits, ancestors, elders and community members past and present.

23 replies on “Three more paintings”

If only! (Although that may throw the staff into a bit of a tizzy as we have restrictions on numbers in buildings. It is a small space, so the limit is 10!)

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It’s all about balance, eh? Create a little, breath a little, and enjoy life. You’ve had a challenging few years, yet you manage it all with aplomb. I greatly admire the way you live your life, your art, your relationships, all of it. xo


That’s lovely to hear, Tierney. Kerry, one of the staff in the Library, said something similar. I am pleased that she has peaceful things to look at while she works. You would appreciate how special the Library is. Having them hang there is a little like having them on my own walls.

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You must be so excited! And maybe a little bit nervous too? Good luck – think of all us blogging friends standing behind you cheering you on if you get a bit fraught. I love the title ‘hero image’ and number one certainly deserves it though the others are fabulous too.

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I certainly feel the support of all my bloggy friends, standing and cheering me on. I did feel a little nervous, and proud when I saw them hanging. Thanks for your good wishes, Sue.

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Oh my…the exhibition is going to be great. On the “way behind with blogs” I’m in that boat…I keep trying to catch up but to no avail it seems, even considering I’m doing so little of late – of anything…

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I am very pleased how it looks. I could see the works through the windows when I was doing some shopping yesterday. I walked on with a smile on my face!

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