Planting one more seed.

As you know I love sketchbooks and I love gardening. You can imagine how this delightful little book made me smile. It made my Mum smile. I hope it makes you smile too.


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9 Responses to Planting one more seed.

  1. The book is really sweet, and I like the way the film has been put together. It makes me smile too, and will forward your blog post to inspire more smiles. Thankyou.


  2. EllaDee says:

    Love the exquisite book and the clip. So clever and detailed 🙂


  3. Louise says:

    Just beautiful!


  4. The book is so cute, I love it!!


  5. I LOVE this little video and the making of the book. What beautiful details. Thanks for sharing, Anne. A simple delight.


  6. cedar51 says:

    that little book and the accompanying vision of her bountiful garden – what a wonderful memory to have and hold…


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