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If you would like to show us what has been happening in your creative space over the last little while, write a post about it and then link to it in the comments. That way we will be able to see what other creative people have been up to. It doesn’t have to be a finished product, it may be a new technique or a poem that has inspired a short story or something that you have been working on. It doesn’t have to be a post either. Give us a link to your Facebook or Instagram page. Let’s share!

In my studio I have been busy creating things for my Etsy shop… like shells.

This is a small part of my shell collection. There is always inspiration here. (Photo copyright: Anne Lawson 2015)

I haven’t done any for a while and I enjoyed using watercolour wash techniques that I have been learning in other parts of my art.

This sequence of photos shows how I painted the bottom shell.

Top left shows the initial drawing, with blobs of masking fluid to protect the white of the small holes. I have written more about masking fluid and why watercolour artists use it here.

The bottom left photo is of the first few washes. These lay down the base tonal areas and I have a depth of paint to work on.

The big one on the right was taken as I was adding in dry brush work. This is stroking small amounts of paint onto the image to build up the colour and tone.

And look, there is a secret lustre area on the painting that you can only see from certain angles ~ just like the lustre on the real shell!


I have also bought three frames. I want to give a little oomph to the listing photos on Etsy, and to show people how easy it is to use my paintings in their house. There are lots of inexpensive frames around that would work well. If you follow me in Instagram and Facebook, you will see these three frames pop up in different photos…..

My new frames (Photo copyright: Anne Lawson 2015)

….like here!

I am back to painting the Cullen cinereum, for the Beckler’s Botanical Bounty Project, and I am happy with the progress. It was hard to remember where I was up to after a 6 week lay-off!

Work in progress on the Cullen cinereum (Photo copyright: Anne Lawson 2016)

To refresh your memory, the Beckler Project is the one that takes me up to Menindee each year. You can find out more here. This is the fourth species I have painted in the Cullen genus. This one was growing on the very dry Lake Pamamaroo.

So, what have you been up to in your space? I would love to see. Just leave a link in the comment section. Too easy!


16 replies on “In My Studio”

Your nudes are lovely Chas. I really enjoyed the chance to have a look at them, and I hope that others will too. I wrote on your blog that it was so different to watercolour, but I think I was wrong. Both media start with the tonal beginnings and then layers are added.

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Thanks Anne – watercolours have a great need for restraint. Michelangelo said oil painting was for beginners – ouch – (that feels very harsh when you’re trying to work with the medium). But, of course, he is right. The watercolours I’ve done to a reasonable level (I think) – I’ve redone at least 3 times. The third time is when I have learnt what to leave undone.


So the plant has been thriving since you collected it? Is there a danger of plants dying before you can finish your study and painting?
I love the lustre inside shells. When I was very young my dad brought me back paua shells and I fell in love with them! Nothing has gone on much in my workspace on the picture book front which I must do something about. Sigh.


No, unfortunately the plant is no longer thriving 😦 Part of our project is to not only paint the plants but to refresh the herbarium collection of the actual plants. So I have this plant pressed, sitting between sheets of cardboard in my studio. I did try to replant the extra plants in the lake from where they came. I am doing the painting from photos.
I love the secret lustre in shell too. thanks for dropping by, even if you should have been hard at work on your illustration!


That is sad news about your cat ~ they leave such a gap in our lives. Clearing a space for your new project AND sorting out WordPress is good. I am glad you put the link to your blog in, so we can have a peek.


I don’t have a real studio as such – but I am hoping that later this year, I shall…currently I use a walk-thru to another space and that makes it difficult at times – I have stuff stored in other rooms as well – in other words it’s a “jumble” – I go and get something from xyz room “aha, where to put it whilst I need it” – every so often I sort out my ,main work desk [well it was main until it became another wide shelf] – I work mainly on the easel, a rolling cart and a small rolling table….


I admire your ability to create even more! it would drive me batty. I have tried to work in makeshift spaces, like the kitchen table, and while they were okay, they were never really satisfactory. I hope you can get your special space sorted.

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How clever of you to recreate the shell lustre, it’s very special. Frames can make or break a picture, I think… you’ve chosen well. They suit the subject without being overpowerng. And then you are back to you botanicals… very versatile.
We’ll be in St Kilda on Sunday afternoon the 28th to morning of Tuesday 30th, in the CBD on Monday and also early on the Tuesday morning enroute back to Croydon.

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