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The Exhibition in Menindee

We have been in Menindee for nearly a week now.

(If you are not sure what I am talking about, go to my category of Beckler’s Botanical Bounty. I can’t do links at the moment.)


We set the exhibition up on Sunday and had our Opening on Tuesday. It looks great, just as we hoped it would be. The Opening was a great chance to meet up with locals, including Jane, who I met through blogging! We had Evelyn, who is an elder of the local Aboriginal tribe, give us a Welcome to Country. It wouldn’t have been a country event without tea, coffee and fruit cake too!

Now we are working away on more plants from Beckler’s list. You would be delighted to see all the different plants we are painting. Some have flowers so small you need microscopes to draw them properly. Some are wee little things, others are showy drama queens!

(I must apologise for various things — lack of reading of other blogs, no comments, skimpy posts of my own and not replying to comments you make on my blog. It is not because I don’t want to read what you write, but because internet access out here is poor and slow. I can only do what i can do!)

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