Plants to paint

The Beckler’s Botanical Bounty Group have just spent a wonderful week in the Civic Hall in Menindee. We pile our tables full of microscopes and paint brushes and papers and plant specimens kept in all sorts of unusual containers. Take away coffee cups make excellent plant holders, but one artist had an old glass clag jar to stand her specimen in.

I have two plants that I am looking forward to painting. One is an upright species of the Cullen genus, Cullen australasicum I found it growing on the Menindee/Broken Hill Road, just past the Copi Hollow turn off. When I say “on the road” I mean right in the crack of the road between the bitumen and the verge, with parts of it flopping onto the road! It must love the runoff from the camber of the road.

Here is a closer look at my showy plant.

My other plant is far less of a drama queen. It is Pimelea trichostachya. It has a stem that grows straight from the sandy soil and then branches. Each of the new stems has a fluffy head instead of petals as we usually think a flower has. It is quite a sweetie.

And a close up, in the take away coffee cup 🙂


I have drawn both plants onto tracing paper, done colour swatches and taken lots of photos. So when I get back to Melbourne I should be ready to get the paintings underway.


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  1. Denise says:

    Oh Thanks Anne, great to see both plants up close. That Pimelea is interesting looking, hardy looking little leaves with soft heads, what fun. Enjoy the painting to come and the Art of Botanical Illustration Exhibition from 25 October. I’m sure your Cullen will be a great addition to the exhibition.


  2. EllaDee says:

    I love how the different perspective you provide transforms what might be considered a mundane roadside plant to a worthy artist’s and botanical subject 🙂


  3. That is a lovely plant, and it made me smile seeing it in the coffee cup. It sounds like you are both enjoying your time away, yet fully prepared to jump into your studio to paint! Delightful.


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