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I haven’t been sewing anything in particular lately. Instead I have been inspired by Claire Wellesley’s idea of a stitching journal. I am just stitching, playing with stitches, with no thought for the finished product. In fact I hope there is no product, and maybe no finish.

It is on off cuts of linen from a dress I recently sewed. It didn’t matter to me that the off cuts were odd shapes, nor that the edges are raw. The seams are handsewn French seams.

I was practising how to control running stitch to get different effects.

Circles in chain and stem stitches. They were fun to do, after I had traced around a 20 cent coin.

I will happily work on this, probably adding more linen as I go. However I am not starting any other textile projects for a while. At the moment I am working out where I want my art to go. Part of that is thinking about how to meld my textile work to my collage. I don’t want to just add textile bits to a collage, but instead to have the two media work together, where it is appropriate.

So, I am doing a lot of thinking rather than much making. This will be my last SAL, for a while at least. However, the others on the list below, will still be creating wonderful embroideries.


I respectfully acknowledge the traditional custodians of this land on which I live – the Wurundjeri Woi-wurrung People of the Kulin Nation, their spirits, ancestors, elders and community members past and present.

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I love the idea of stitching just fior fun and with no thought of what it might ‘be’ at the end. Please keep sharing your ideas about melding the collage and the textiles – I love seeing your work and how it is evolving.


Thank you Sharon. It is a good chance to just sit with myself and sew. I know I am in a good place when I hear my sigh of contentment. I will be posting ~ in fact I would like to be more regular and frequent this year.


And to you too, Renee. I am enjoying just stitching, but there is always a part of my brain that thinks “This could be a scarf/potholder/ a finished something”. I am trying to push that voice right down.


Transition can be difficult, being away from the old and not yet in the future certainty. I keep holding on to my yoga teacher’s words that the transition between poses is just as important as the poses themselves. I know that you will find where you want to go too.

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Anne we will miss you being apart of our group. I hope that you will be back with us soon! My new hobby for the year is junk journal with an emphasis on nature inspired cross stitch designs. I will be coming back you your blog for inspiration!

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