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SAL ~ The forest regenerates #?

Well, there has been little progress in the last three weeks. Not surprising, as the whole world has turned upside down in those three weeks.


However, there has been some work, mainly in this area.


You must be aware of all the help there is to keep our hands active and our minds calmer. I have signed up for this challenge at Each week a different textile artist is presenting a sewing exercise. There is a closed FB group, but no pressure to show, or even finish the work. It may be something that interests you too. The first week has almost gone, but I am sure you could still participate.

the first exercise was to divide a 15 x 15 cm square into four, choose a stitch and experiment with creating different effects in each square. My choice was chain stitch. Still a square to go, as you can see,


This Stitch-A-Long is organised by Avis. We are all working on different pieces and post updates every three weeks. Have a look at the other embroiderers on the list below; I am sure you will be amazed at the beauty you find.

Avis, Claire, Gun, Carole, Sue, Constanze, Christina, Kathy, Margaret, Cindy, Heidi, Jackie, Sunny, Hayley, Megan, Deborah, Mary Margaret, Renee, Carmela, Jocelyn, Sharon, Daisy, Anne, Connie, AJ, Jenny, Laura, Cathie, Linda


By anne54

Botanic artist

40 replies on “SAL ~ The forest regenerates #?”

it’s quite interesting, what our creative world has thought…

I’ve seen posts where apparently they are on a “retreat” and will do so much every day, and some are. Maybe that will tail off when you see how “long that is” – or because they are usually “working” suddenly they feel they are in retirement and this is going to be a test for when they do formally retire. Yes retirement is great, but the hours in the day are quite long and there are 365 of them each year.

I have basically had difficulty “doing” – I have no shortage of “making” – somehow it all seemed rather pointless … it’s hard to explain how my whole “making mindset” suddenly changed!

New Zealand where I live is very tightly “locked-down” and one can fit into different level like 2, which I’m in and you’ve home “full stop” – ADD that I’m home alone and although that’s not been an issue until this time last week…I feel trapped, surrounded by all this guff that I “could make…”

And I’m usually Ms Independent and now I have to rely on “help” to obtain food either via online entities or a fabulous fibrecraft friend, who as soon it was announced messaged me pronto “yell out if you need help” she topped up some groceries yesterday…no issues. I can’t just say one morning “I think I’ll bus into town and have lunch at xyz” or “I’ve run out eggs/steak, I just pop down to local strip shops and get some” (those strip shops are closed, non essential) – you have to used designated supermarkets which entail queues that stretch like snakes along streets, everyone 2 metres apart. And the level I’m in “no can do the supermarket at all…”

Sorry to ramble…and Anne package hasn’t arrived yet, but I noted their was ordinary mail over the w/end.

And I did today start stitching on some guff…that was in a WIP pile but not a serious like make a whole book pile!

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You sound anxious and depressed, both of which are understandable. I think we all balk at one feels like a sudden lack of freedom. You can choose to stay home and make but suddenly you’re required to stay home and it feels like something else. It’s also difficult to shut out all the chaos around the world, even when you avoid the news. It’s in the air, featured on all our blogs, and just around the corner. My heart goes out to you. I visited New Zealand two years ago and fell in love with your beautiful home. I hope this passes quickly. Be well. Alys

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definitely problematic but then I think “well a lot of other people are in the same boat” and I will probably survive. And yes everywhere you look on line – even if you’ve innocently visiting a website, info on the whole shebang … not just the privacy cookies we’ve had for some time.

I run our clan page – some of our family are overseas. And then suddenly someone will pop up with “what should I do, Catherine…?” and somehow you find yourself looking up webpages trying to find them an answer or delving into your personal decades of knowledge-brain!

One of the hardest things besides the getting of food is having only me in my home “bubble” – that’s a new buzz word in New Zealand. And of late eating more simple food or packet foods. Cooling on the bench is a small (shortage of flour here at the moment) amount of rather pale crackers …next time will give them some extra incentive to colour up a bit…but once I put on toppings later, they will be coloured and they aren’t for anyone but me πŸ™‚


You have been very honest, Catherine. I think many of us are floundering, thinking ‘what’s the point of making XYZ?’, but we tend to keep that smiley face firmly fixed in place. So making can be hard, especially as we are encouraged to see this time as a fabulous opportunity, like an artist retreat. I am not there yet myself, still feeling scattered and strangely busy. That’s why I am liking the challenge. I am sewing and challenging myself, but without pressure. These pieces are not meant to be anything except pieces to explore stitching. That’s reassuring.

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Yesterday I had an “up” day and it had absolutely nothing to do with making art – it was the adventure with the “box cake mix” and I’ve written about it on my art blogspot page, there’s a link from my other page – because in a way it was like creating a kitset art piece.

This morning hasn’t started well…and yes I was angry – but I’m not going to “tell” about it – because I had to find another way around dealing with the issue which does actually fall into a weekly essential service. I had quite a lot of exercise…then when I had “fixed it for now” – I had to take a slice of the cake – saying to myself, in my “bubble” is my “other self” and she needed a slice…and “she” will have to watch me eating another slice for afternoon drink…


I agree Margaret….they will be my sanity saver. I am curious to see how I use my time; at the moment I am still feeling a little scattered, but trying to sew and draw each day.


The idea of a weekly challenge or lesson sounds fantastic especially just at present. Your squares are lovely and show just how versatile a simple stitch like chain can be.

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The big plus of the challenge for me at the moment is that they are just samplers, playing. They don’t have to be anything, except a chance to explore stitching. Chain is a surprisingly versatile stitch.

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I always think of samplers as those very formal, stylised pictures and alphabets which little girls had to sew in Victorian times! Yours sound much more fun! And probably more educational too!


I do love The Forest Regenerates. Those wiggly lines just make me happy. The weekly challenge sounds like a great way to stretch ideas and skills, I hope you enjoy it! Your chain stitch challenge piece has great texture, it gives me the sudden urge to pet a lamb! 😍

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“A sudden urge to pat a lamb” made me smile! Quite an unexpected, but lovely response! I am glad that the piece makes you feel good. It has stalled a bit because I have to work out where it is going. Maybe that could be a job for today.

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I love all the stitch and craft and cook alongs that have sprung up this week. They’re so engaging. I love your stitching, Anne. Completely unrelated, but I was sitting at a card table yesterday and looked up at the lovely framed teapot watercolors of yours and I fell in love with them all over again. xo

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The response to removing some of the barriers of isolation has been amazing, and so quick! I have been pleased to see a lot of physical activities ~ workouts, yoga, dance parties etc ~ pop up. We creatives are lucky to love to sit and work, but isolation must be difficult for more active people.
I am glad that my teapots are still bringing you joy. xox


The squares are a good idea, and the challenge was to choose your own stitch and experiment. It would be a good way to explore ideas for a range of free form stitches.


I was thinking what claire just posted, keep stitching and smiling through this. We have it very badly here too and it can be unsettling. keeping engrossed in crafting and creating has been a G-d send. Your work is so lovely and creative, I can imagine some lovely pieces being created during this time. My thoughts are with you Anne πŸ™‚

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And with you to Sharon. Unfortunately worry is a big contributor to lowering immune systems. Fortunately stitching and creating helps to keep the worry in manageable amounts. So yes, let’s keep stitching and smiling.

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I like your challenge idea and what you have made,Anne. Sometimes a project prompt like this can get the creative juices flowing or help us narrow our choices…which if you are like me, can be a little overwhelming sometimes….there are endless ways to go. Does any of this make sense??

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Completely Jocelyn. I liked the limitations of one stitch, a small area and no expectations. I think a big part of the problem at the moment is that we are being battered from so many different directions and we have no control over any of it. Perhaps at the moment we need to find that one ‘stitch’ in our lives that we can focus on. Does that make any sense? (it sounded good in my head!)


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, that fabric color with the colors of your stitching is absolutely eye-catching (in a good way, not in a I-can’t-stop-looking-at-the-train-wreck kind of way). I love watching this project come together :))


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