My heart is less heavy, thanks to you

Last time I wrote about the results of our federal election last weekend. My heart felt very heavy because the result was a loss for the environment, an election based on selfishness and fear. And my teapot broke.

There were swings to the Liberal Party (ie conservative), including, astoundingly, a large one in the seat of one Queensland member, who spent more time visiting his girlfriend in the Philippines, on tax payer money, than he did in the Parliament.

I wondered how my political thoughts were so out of kilter with the rest of Australia.

People like me, who want to protect the environment, equal rights, fight homophobia and racism and so on are described as

‘inner city, left leaning, latte sipping, tree hugging, chardonnay shiraz drinking tosspots’

Well, I wear all those labels (except tosspot!) with pride.

And I suspect that many of you proudly wear some of them too. The comments on my post heartened me. I might be living in an inner city silo, where my friends and family are as shocked and dismayed by the election results as I am, but I have discovered just how wide that silo is. It seems to stretch from Great Britain across Europe to the United States and many other places.

And maybe it is not a silo, maybe it is an umbrella, sheltering many of us from the hate and menace that seems to be around us. So thank you for sheltering under the umbrella with me, for leaving me comments and giving me hope that there are many of us who are longing for a better world.

And an update on the teapot……

The Fella and I bought a stainless steel one.


No chipping this one’s spout. It is double hulled, so the tea stays toasty warm. And the Fella, as an old ex-boiler maker, has a long term love affair with stainless steel ~ and tea!


Just a little advertisement before I go…..As you know I am heading to my artist in residency at the end of next week, so my Etsy shop will be closed for all of June. However, there is still time to put in an order, if something takes your fancy.

By anne54

Botanic artist

32 replies on “My heart is less heavy, thanks to you”

Yes, those of us who have the dubious honour of Mr Christiansen as our, ahem, *Member* (insert epithet of choice) are equally outraged. But he has been loud in defence of coal-based industry and jobs in this depressed area, so perhaps it’s not such a big surprise if you know the context. What is a bit surprising that he’s been away so much; he’s the kind of bloke who’d go to the opening of a chip packet, so it’s not like him to avoid any kind of photo op…

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Love the idea of ‘going to the opening of a chip packet’! It is becoming clear that jobs were a driving factor in the swings in Queensland. Bob Brown’s cavalcade would have got so many people’s backs up. An ill thought-out adventure.


It *was* a bit ill-considered. I’m a tree hugger myself, but I’m not pointing fingers at and harassing men who feed their families by digging coal out of the ground. Their efforts would have been better placed lobbying Parliament and industry.


Ooh, shiny! Nothing like a bit of bling to make you feel better – even (or especially) if it’s a teapot.
Seriously though, I’m glad you feel a little ‘lighter’ and now you have your residency to look forward to which I’m sure will lift your spirits no end.


That’s a stylish new pot *and* it allows you to take a selfie in the high shine! I hope your residency renews your spirit and gives you a sense that all is possible, in spite of the harsh news!


I love your thoughts on a ‘global umbrella’ – and that tea pot? I’d have shied away from stainless, but this one’s design is what makes it a beaut. Sit back and enjoy a cuppa with Fella over the weekend.


It is a lovely design, isn’t it? We have quite a few stainless steel things in the kitchen, and I am sure the Fella would love even more. He drinks out of a stainless steel cup, but I draw the line there!

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Lovely tea pot. My heart is less heavy too. I am now watching with amused interest as the economy won’t be doing as well for most.

I don’t live in the inner city. And don’t drink coffee. But I’m happy to accept the description even if it is usually applied pejoratively.


I started my blog in … I believe it was around 2012 … and the single most rewarding part of the whole experience has been the friends I’ve made all over the globe, from India, to Ghana, the UK to your own Australia. We are mostly of like minds, and when one is down, the troops rally round. You guys have problems, for sure, but yours are part of a bigger picture that I don’t see ending anytime soon. But know this … when you need a friend, we are here. When you need a hug … well, here … 🤗


I’m happy you got a new teapot, I have a stainless steel teapot that looks like a tiny space ship but it’s not double hulled… which appeals… ah well I say you can never have too many teapots, and too many so-called “inner city, left leaning, latte sipping, tree hugging, chardonnay shiraz drinking tosspot’ … leaning friends variety, even if we’re actually from the country and drink black coffee… on occasion almond ‘milk’ flat white and mostly pinot grigrio as well as anything red. We the young at heart and the young with heart will prevail.


So true….one can never have to many teapots! May there be a double hulled stainless steel one in your life at some time. And so true that labels are just labels, even if you do occasionally drink coffee with almond milk. Let’s get the whole world to play that getting to know you/warm up game beloved by facilitators….write down a couple of things that could be on your label, and then find someone who matches. Imagine who we would find if the whole world played!


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