The Sisterhood of the Travelling Sketchbook

The Sketchbook has completed its journey!

Just a very short post to let you know that the Sketchbook has come back to me. It left about April of last year and travelled safely around the world.

And it is BEAUTIFUL!

I will show you pictures and let you enjoy it too, but for the moment I am just savouring the joy and creativity on each page.


13 replies on “The Sketchbook has completed its journey!”

It has been so much fun, and has brought me much closer to the other Sisters. In my mind I see us all next year sitting around a table in a villa in Italy! Not sure that that will happen!


How many empty pages do we have left? I’ve emailed Viv’s family to ask if they’ll choose a poem from her back catalogue to be included, as surely we can’t call the Sketchbook complete without it. If they choose a short one, a single page would be OK, but if it’s something longer we may need a double spread…


There are a surprising number of free pages, Kate ~ about 10 double spreads. Plenty of room for Viv’s poem. I agree that it wouldn’t be complete. Even thought there are that many spare pages it feels deliciously bulky and weighty.


If we have the space, what do you think of the idea of a mini-biography of each contributor. Not right next to their contribution, but like an index in the back? Name, country, blog address if they have one, and a couple of sentences?


So am I. Given that every stop along the way could have been the moment when something untoward or catastrophic could have derailed the whole project. Yet it sailed right through.
Btw, how are you going to preserve it for the future?


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