WordPress update ~ can you help me?

There is, apparently, an update is needed for my WordPress site. If I am using 2.7 or later, it should be a matter of clicking a button. According to WP I go to my dashboard and click updates and it will all happen. However, I can’t see such a button on my dashboard.

So my first question is: Am I looking in the wrong spot? (although I feel like I have looked everywhere.)

If it is not there, my second question is: How do I find out what version of WP I am using? I have searched around and can’t seem to fin the answer to that one either.

If I am using 2.6 or before, then I have to do it manually. The instructions for that look mighty complicated, and I don’t think I can do it. 😦

So, any advice for someone who loves to do the screen stuff, but has no idea how behind the screen works?

[This isn’t the post I thought I would be sending out today….that was a much more interesting one about feather drawings! It will come very soon.]

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I never realised there was a difference. I got the info from the Government’s Stay Smart Online alert service. As well as updates for Apple and Microsoft it said “Popular web and blogging platform WordPress has also advised users to update as soon as possible to the newly released version 4.6.1 which addresses several vulnerabilities”. The link takes me to
the blog of, so it looks like you are right!! Thanks Meeks, you deserve a gold star! (and I can stop panicking).

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lol – I’m glad I helped set your mind at ease. This is one of the good things about having our blogs with .com – we get updates as a matter of course. I may not like all-some-many of them but security updates I’m grateful for.

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All of that went whistling straight over my head… Like you, I like the pretty stuff at the front end, but the code is a closed book! Glad I don’t have to start behaving like an intelligent, computer-savvy adult. My Mac would never get over the shock!

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I’m useless at screen stuff, but for what it’s worth, WP told me I needed an update or it couldn’t do something or other. But by the time I finished tearing my hair, it had stopped asking for the update and done whatever it was I wanted.



No, I don’t get the “Howdy”, but I did see the Happiness Engineers as I was searching around the site. I would have contacted them and Marina says that they have been very helpful. Have you used them?

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I suppose only users have to update – because they have the program itself downloaded on their computers – we (who have an blog) are using the program online, without a download. That means there is nothing we can update.


I saw the happiness Engineers as I was searching for the upgrade button, and I thought it sounded like such a cute thing. I was close to contacting them, but knew that I would get good answers if I sent the problem out to all you wonderful internet friends.


Thanks Leanne. 🙂 I remember when you changed sites, but only now understand what you were actually doing. BTW, I love your photos, and am enjoying them on Instagram too.


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