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Where do you write?

The wonderfully calm Celi over at The Kitchen Garden has given us a challenge. Many of you follow her blog. If you don’t, then go over there and enjoy her delight in the ways of a self-sufficient farmer and stay for her wisdom. Her challenge is ~ or rather was, because I am a little behind ~ to show the spaces where we write our blogs.

My main spot is at the big computer. This is where I am now, as I find it so much easier to write blogs with the desk top. The iPad app plays up on me. Celia’s rule was “No tidying up” and you can see that I have obeyed that rule! The Fella found the computer desk during a hard rubbish throwout. It fits perfectly into the space between the wall and the chimney.


I love the mobility of the iPad, and will often use it in other places, like in the afternoons in my big red leather chair. I can catch up with comments or check out other social media. Conveniently, the chair hides the messiness of the garden 🙂


Then, at night I camp on the couch. After a hard day’s sitting it is good to stretch out, and watch TV and the iPad at the same time. The Fella doesn’t understand that I can do both; i just tell him I am a good multi-tasker!


Oh, it’s a hard life……

Where do you write?

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23 replies on “Where do you write?”

That IS a fabulous chair! And I see you understand the value of multiple cushions when lounging. Men just don’t *get* cushions, I find… So important to achieve the perfect level of comfort, handy as a pillow if you want a snooze, a great lap table for tablet or laptop, and finally, ammunition for hurling at the other half at need…

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I am lucky, aren’t I? I can choose where I am depending on the time of day, season, mood etc. No, it’s not my sewing machine. Unfortunately it is gathering dust in another corner 😦

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Usually sitting with my legs stretched out, on my bed, with a laptop on my lap and a view of the garden and the rooftops of neighbours’ houses out the window. Sometimes in the kitchen, which is directly under our bedroom, so still looking out at the garden but without the view of the rooftops. I don’t consciously look at the garden for inspiration, but it feels important to have a view of some greenery and natural light coming in.


Natural light is a must for me too.How lovely that you can look out into the garden from both spots. I have been known to lie in bed and use the iPad. I was going to take a photo of that too, but I thought that I might give the impression of being either ultra lazy or indecisive ~ or maybe both!

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Aha! Another multi-tasker! I too love to have my laptop or iPad handy when we’re watching tv. Comes in handy to check things out like players on the teams we’re rooting for, or locations where shows are shot, or the name of that bit part actor that seems SO much like someone from a long past show … LOVE your garden – all that green! Missing that in still brown and grey Ontario. Thanks for sharing!


I do all that too when I watch TV. It helps to pass the time during the ads! If I am not using the iPad i do my tapestry or crocheting, as I am unable to sit with still hands.


I have this wonderful image of you working away on your novel, with the alpacas crammed in to the room, looking over your shoulder, making inappropriate comments and sounds!


Your lovely red chair is in a gorgeous spot. And you know I love free cycling – great desk. Your garden looks interesting -enticing to explore, rather than messy. I too move around – from the backroom to the verandah to the living room propped with a pile of cusions in the evening, often multitasking!


I am so pleased that the garden came up as “enticing rather than messy” because it is actually the other way around. 🙂 It needs a good revamp. The chair is my favourite piece of furniture. It was one of those serendipitous finds and I knew that it had to be mine.

By the way, thank you for the photo of the feathers. They look perfectly at home.


Our mobile devices do give so much more mobility, don’t they? Do you find that you use the laptop and the iPad in different ways, for different things? I am contemplating what next with computers and am thinking of a laptop. Love to hear your thoughts.


I have few comfy places to work in, i.e. sit back and type on my laptop – so I have adapted my double bed to be both for sleep and other. I have a tri-pillow on top of the regular sleeping pills, space beside me for all kinds of things – bed and old wood chair. I can either pull up bedclothes or sit as I am now, still fully clothed from daytime…

I did at one time use the living room couches, but I have sold them on – as my future is changing…instead the living room has had to become an extension for my current art Diploma work and if filled with things for the art installations that I’m currently working through…

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Bed is a great place for working. I have a friend who often stays in bed with her laptop and coffee until in the late morning. I admire the way your art is determining the furniture in your house!


Anne, I am actually downsizing my entire life – the art arena still on hold, as I strive to finish the Diploma…then I hope to change some parts of my life, it is still WIP.
I didn’t actually mean to sell both couches but it just happened and they paid cash 🙂 somehow I don’t miss them…


As I said before, it looks better in a photo than it does in reality. It is suffering from the dry of the last few months and general inattention. But thank you for thinking it looks good!

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