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Another outing for my homemade sketchbook and a special surprise for you

My little handmade sketchbook went to the exhibition of Jean Paul Gaultier‘s creations at the NGV, along with many, many other people. However, I managed to find a couple of odd corners to sketch in. (If you intend to see the exhibition, hurry, as it closes this Saturday.)

So many people at the exhibition! (Photo copyright: Anne Lawson, 2015)
So many people at the exhibition! (Photo copyright: Anne Lawson, 2015)

His creations are amazing, and I hope to post photos soon. In regards to sketching, I was interested in the folds and lines of his work. What I sketched was also limited by where I could stand without being buffeted by people. Also his later works were way too complicated for me to capture in a quick sketch.

I have been going on a bit lately about my sketchbook [thank you to all of you who have written positive comments about it] because I am delighted with the whole idea of making sketchbooks with odds and ends of paper. So happy about it that I have a cunning plan. As Black Adder says, “I have a plan so cunning you could pin a tail on it and call it a weasel”. But firstly let me show you a couple of other little books I have made.

Miss C and Miss B came for the day last week and were delighted to have their own little books. They chose the paper for the front cover, and then added their own flourishes.

In return Miss C made me a pair of earrings. 🙂


So to my cunning plan. I would like to make a little book for you to sketch in. Lots of people tell me that they would love to draw, but don’t know how, or feel that they can’t or haven’t the time or any of a trillion other reasons. Well, I would like to present you with your own little sketchbook, because drawing is not only great fun, but relaxing.

It is not a book to be precious about. While other journal-type books are wonderful to use, they can be intimidating. What if I make a mistake? What if the lines are wonky? What if I can’t draw as well as other people can? This little book won’t care what you put in it. It likes doodles or portraits or thumbnail sketches; it likes pencil or ink or coloured pencils or watercolour; it likes things being stuck on it such as tickets or wrapping paper; it loves going outside, but is perfectly happy to stay inside with you, helping you draw your toast or your comfy slippers.

Okay, not everybody is a sketcher or even a wanna-be sketcher. I get that, sort of. [Although is it just your inner critic telling you that you would be crap at it?] Maybe you are itching to have a little book for writing in. Ideas for your next story. Words that make your heart sing. Snatches of conversations on the tram. Stories that will fit onto a small page. My little books love any sort of creative passion.

Each one will be different, depending on what I feel like adding. The one I am using is 12 x 17 cm, so yours would be around the same size. Great for slipping into your bag or pocket.  I can also tell you that each little book will have 4 sheets of paper folded in half (16 pages to write or draw on) and some of those sheets will have half-finished odds and ends of my work. Do what you like with them. Leave them there and use another page. Incorporate it into your own drawing. Draw over the top of it. Whatever you want to do.

Have I convinced you that you would love to have one of my little books? Shoot me an email at with your address and I will make one for you and post it off. It’s that easy. There is no pressure to show me (or anyone else) what you create, but  of course if you want to show me I would be delighted to see. Hope to hear from you very soon.


22 replies on “Another outing for my homemade sketchbook and a special surprise for you”

What a lovely idea, Anne! I’d say yes but I know I wouldn’t use it – can’t draw and I’ve become so used to typing I hate doing anything longhand, even shopping lists. But I know anyone who adopts your books will love them.


Hi Anne,
The book has arrived. It is so sweet! Thankyou 🙂
I love the way you have arranged the art pieces. I am partial to drawings in pencil so thankyou for including those. There is a lot of work in them, especially the fine one of the feather in the centre of the book. And you included a sample of the limpet 🙂 That’s great because I remember those final ones you presented on your blog and I liked them very much.
I shall be in touch with a small item in about a week.
Kind regards, and much appreciation for the samples of your ‘rejects’ that have brought so much pleasure.


Oh, Sandi, that is such a beautiful ‘review’. It gave me a lot of pleasure to make and send the little notebooks. I tried to imagine each person I was making them for, so how wonderful that I got the pages right for you! Enjoy filling them up with your creative inspirations!


What a beautiful idea. I’ve seen the Snail of Happiness’ gorgeous sketchbook on a recent post, and couldn’t resist following up to see what it was all about. As I’m now suffering severe sketchbook envy, I wonder if you’re still doing it…? Mine would become filled with calligraphy practice in preparation for lettering on two quilts. K x


Kate, I would love to send you one of the little sketchbooks. In fact I have just made one for you. All I need now is your address. Let me know at and I will pop it into the post for you. 🙂 It was so nice of that lovely Jan aka Ms Snail to post that about my work.


Okay, my turn! I’ve just come over from Kate’s blog. I confess to having a sketchbook fetish although I don’t draw or even doodle really. I love the idea but am generally embarrassed by what happens on the page. Words are another matter. I have notebooks of every variety, some still empty but most with some kind of written material in them. I would love to swap you something I’ve made for a sketchbook of yours. A little ATC perhaps?


I would love to send you a little sketchbook — or, in your case a little wordbook! There can never be too many of them in our world 🙂 One of the things I am loving about offering the sketchbooks is that everyone wants to do something different but passionate in them. I am honoured that they can help foster creativity and passions. So, send me you address to and I will send you one. Now, I am off to check out your blog.


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