What fun!

This might will sound rather nerdy, but I love exploring new things to do on this blog. I recently found out that I could make galleries of photos. Has that always been available and I had never noticed, or is it a new feature? What else don’t I know? (Don’t answer that one ~ you will be here for ever!) I have often looked in awe at the way you clever bloggers arranged your photos, wondering how you did it. Now I know some of your secrets, the main one being to look at my editing pages a little more closely! 🙂

So, I have updated my gallery page. Drum roll for the unveiling…….

My gallery of my work!


About anne54

Botanic artist
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3 Responses to What fun!

  1. EllaDee says:

    That’s a very nice neat looking gallery. I’ve done galleries but I’ll have to investigate further.


  2. Not nerdy at all. I love figuring out new things to do on WP. I always feel accomplished.

    Well done on the gallery. It was nice seeing all your work gathered in one place, too. Impressive.


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