In my kitchen, at the beginning of June

Celia, over at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial, hosts a monthly get together. It means that we can take a seek peak into kitchens around the world. It is good fun, and everyone is welcome to drop by. Celia’s own post this month is about teas she has recently bought, and they sound exquisite.

In my kitchen this month is some fresh produce from the Victoria Market.

As we walked into the market I found this persimmon on the road. It was like a shining jewel and I could not resist it. I think I will paint it.


We also bought some shanks, because it is Winter now, and time for stews and shanks and soups. So there is also chicken stock on the go, made with a couple of frozen chicken carcasses, celery that was lurking in the fridge, a carrot, garlic of course, chilli and ginger, pepper and quite a bit of salt. It cooks in the pressure cooker for a good while. I keep any flesh still on the bones and give the vegetables to the compost. Then I am going to use some of the stock to make cauliflower and bacon soup.

Because it is Winter there are lemons from a friend’s tree. (Thank you Billy!)

Photo copyright: Anne Lawson 2014

Also this week I am going to cook a cabbage galette from Joanna Harris’ cookbook. You  will know her as the author of Chocolat, and her cookbook is a delight for any Francophiles. I have found her recipes to be very reliable (but can’t comment on their authenticity).

The story behind the book…..My Fella and I had stayed a few days at Mildura, a regional town in the northwest of Victoria. On Sunday we went to a small town nearby to find a market. While there were people wandering around the other stalls, it was the bookstall that had the most interest, seemingly caravaners like us. As I am a sucker for second hand books it soon drew me in too. What did I see……Joanna’s cookbook and for only $3. I quickly tucked it under my arm, protecting it from anyone else that might want to snatch it away! How could they ignore such a bargain? 😉

Photo copyright: Anne Lawson 2014
Photo copyright: Anne Lawson 2014

I have decided to introduce you to some of the fixtures in my kitchen. Today I would like you to meet the teapot. We drink a lot of tea, so the pot needs to be big. A common question through the day is “Would you like a cup of tea?” and you can guess the answer. My first cup comes to me in bed, delivered by my Lovely Fella and I drink it while I read and wake up. ❤

Snug in its homemade tea cosy
Snug in its homemade tea cosy
In its naked glory. How could I not have a teapot that has a botanical theme? :)
In its naked glory. How could I not have a teapot that has a botanical theme? 🙂