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My painting in the Art of Botanical Illustration

I have already told you that my painting of Cullen pallidum was accepted into the Art of Botanical Art Exhibition. (Don’t know what I am talking about? This post will explain more about my painting.) Today I was able to see it hanging there, amongst world-class botanical art works.

Cullen pallidum, hanging in the Exhibition
Cullen pallidum, hanging in the Exhibition

Do I look happy? And proud? 🙂

Today I didn’t have time to explore the works properly. I am going back, and then I will tell you more about the other works. However, if you live in Melbourne or nearby, don’t wait for my review. Wander into the Exhibition, but be prepared to be amazed!

The Art of Botanical Illustration

Domain House, Dallas Brooks Drive, Melbourne (Up the Shrine end of the Botanical Gardens)

It finishes on 24 November, 10 – 4 pm weekdays and 10 – 6 pm weekends.


Botanic Art My art work

Tomorrow is the big day, but Wednesday will be even bigger!

Tomorrow is the day that I have to drop my painting of Cullen pallidum off to be part of the selection process for the Art of Botanical Illustration, hosted by the Friends of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne. Their standard, both botanical and artistic is very high, so selection is not guaranteed.

Some of the criteria are:

  • accurately represent the form and the botanical characteristics of the chosen subject
  • adequately convey the characteristics of the species or variety and ensure that the subject is representative of the species
  • the painting should be well composed, well executed and artistically effective.

Now it is all done. The painting is finished, I have had a professional scan done of it and have organised a mount and foam core backing. It is protected by plastic…..and ready.

So think of me tomorrow morning, taking that big deep breath when I drop off the painting. And an even bigger, deeper breath on Wednesday when I go to pick the painting up!