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The Sketchbook in all its glory!

The other day the Fella brought in a box left by the postie. Immediately I knew it was the Sketchbook. Normally I dive right into things, but this was one parcel I wanted to savour. I sat down with a … Continue reading

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My embroidery work is continuing to engage and enthuse me. It is encouraging a number of creative threads to come together. (Do you like that pun, Kate?!) I will tell you more about those mental ramblings at a later date. … Continue reading

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Coastal heath

Kate, who does beautiful quilting, commented on one of my photos from the last blog, remarking how she could see colours and textures to make a quilt. I was delighted that she might like to use it. EllaDee saw it … Continue reading

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Why are limpet shells so frustrating?

You know that I have been enjoying painting shells lately. You watched me draw oyster shells and I have raved on about other paintings I have done. So I found some limpet shells on the beach at Apollo Bay and … Continue reading

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Texture on Tuesday

The Photo Booth function on my iPad is rather gimmicky and only held my attention for a short time — all except the kaleidoscope button. I wandered around the garden and came up with some shots that I really liked. … Continue reading

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Texture on Tuesday — bark

I love bark. It has such surprising colours and textures. These are street trees, growing just near my house. As well as painting, I love to use fabrics, threads and beads and it is textures like these that have inspired … Continue reading

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Texture — shadows (and an”Oh dear” update)

Now, if you have got this far, a quick update on my computer. The other day I told you that my computer had gone on a holiday, and the folks at the Holiday Home (aka the computer repair shop) thought … Continue reading

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Astounding exhibition — Louise Saxton

Louise Saxton’s exhibition at the Gould Galleries, South Yarra was mind blowing. She pins reclaimed/recycled material onto tulle to create these stunning works. The close up shows more. If you look very closely you can see the pins. On some … Continue reading

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Texture on Thursday — light and water

The last of Summer. Photos of light on water.

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Texture on Thursday — sand

Sand photos from Somers beach, late on a summer’s afternoon. And what is a photo montage of sand without a child’s sandcastle?

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