Odds and Ends

Oh dear…..

I do most of my “work” on my main computer. Uploading photos, listing items in my Etsy shop and creating blog posts are all tasks that are easier on it than using the iPad. WordPress certainly doesn’t work well on the iPad . (I have just had an example of that. While trying to rearrange a sentence the cursor played up and the easiest way to fix it was to minimise the keyboard. Easy enough to do, but frustrating when it happens frequently.)

But yesterday the Big Computer decided that it needed a rest, freezing when I tried to boot it up. Today it is at the service centre, probably needing a new hard drive. 😦

I had extravagant plans of blogging about a workshop I went on last week, with photos of what I learnt. Unfortunately you will just have to wait until I get the Big Computer sorted, because adding photos without it is more than I can cope with! (Been there, done that, on the iPad — frustration levels way too high!)

Fortunately there are a couple of posts that I had prepared earlier. Just hope they don’t need too much editing!