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In My December Kitchen

Our family Christmas was early this year. We headed over to my Mum’s and all took some offering of food. My contribution was Chinese duck, picked up from the restaurant in Footscray on the way. Such an easy and satisfying contribution!

Photo copyright: Anne Lawson 2015

The other dishes were also delicious and varied. And we had a choice¬†of 10 different cocktails. ūüôā

On Christmas Day the Fella and I went down to a beach house at Somers, where we met up with my gorgeous Mum. For lunch we cooked pancakes and ate them with smoked salmon, sour cream, rocket, asparagus and a few salads. Simple, but very tasty. No Christmas pud¬†for dessert, instead we had Mum’s warm fruit salad. That is simply stewing fruits ~ apricots, pineapple, prunes, whatever you have, fresh or dried ~ and then eating it slightly warm with cream and meringues.

Photo copyright: Anne Lawson 2015

Oh my,¬†the foodie presents….

Gingerbread and truffles, and rocky road chocolate straws from my nieces.

An Indian cookbook from my brother and sister-in-law. I love cookbooks that are filled with photos and stories as well as enticing recipes. I know I will be sharing lots from this with you.

There were lovely non-Christmas gifts from friends.

Chilli infused olive oil. It is rich and gives a luscious hit of chilli.

Photo copyright: Anne Lawson 2015

From the same friend was another cookbook, from the Moroccan Soup Kitchen. This is well known Melbourne restaurant that serves simple, tasty food with love and care. I used the chickpea bake as a salad on Christmas Day. Again there will be many recipes to share with you.

Another friend gave me this simple posy of herbs, tied with a velvet ribbon.

Photo copyright: Anne Lawson 2015

Other friends shared the produce from their fruit trees. I stewed the nectarines and apricots in the same way ~ honey, cinnamon, vanilla essence and five spice mix. Then into the freezer.

I am so lucky to have such bounty in my kitchen. Such simple gifts, all given and received with love and friendship. I hope you were as fortunate over the holiday time.

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