Odds and Ends

Slow days and Instagram

I seem to be taking it easy lately. I say seem to be because it wasn’t my intention. I am starting my holiday programme work next week and that gets pretty full on. So I wanted to Get Things Done ~ drawings on Etsy and blog posts and work on my other paintings ~ because I won’t have much time over the next few weeks. But that hasn’t happened, and that’s okay.

Christmas was lovely. On Christmas Eve the Fella and I went to Somers, a little seaside town on the Mornington Peninsular. Mum was there too. For Christmas lunch we cooked pancakes and ate them with smoked salmon, sour cream and salad. Yum!

The weather was hot and windy. On the other side of Victoria bushfires raged along the Great Ocean Road, and many homes were burnt. We lounged around reading, and kept an ear on the radio for any threat of fire near us. Fortunately there weren’t any. Then in the evening the wind dropped and it was a perfect night for a walk along the beach.

To top it off, the full moon was rising behind us.

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However, some things were ticked off my To Do List, like joining Instagram.

I am learning things about myself and social media. Such as I take my time to join up, which is odd, as in other areas I am quite impulsive and jump in. Part of my hesitation is knowing that they are worm holes of time that you wander down! I am often short of time.

I joined Facebook first, and added a page for my art work. Then came Pinterest. The spur for doing was that I could see many views in my Etsy shop were from it. Now I am on Instagram. Along the way I have joined some other sites, but lost interest. I am curious to watch how I use and respond to social media sites. I will write more when I have pondered some more. Which sites you use and why? I would love to hear your experiences in the comments.

So far I am enjoying Instagram. I am amazed at how quickly people seem to find my photos ~ a couple have been “liked” seconds after I have posted them! Anyway, if you are on Instagram and would like me to follow you, leave me your details in the comments. It’s always nice meeting up in different areas, sort of like seeing good friends in a variety of different bars, or coffee shops!

My username is @annelawson54 Let’s meet up!