My exhibition at the Old Auction House

Let me show you my work in a moment, because we need a catch-up.

My Patients are both home, and both doing well. I am gradually getting some time to ¬†do things I need to do, pulling my life a little back towards me. Thank you everyone who commented on the last couple of posts; sorry I didn’t get to reply individually.

We are not out of it yet as there are a whole list of hospital appointments and follow-ups in the next couple of months, and I will be involved in those. I need to be involved, as Terry’s extra pairs of ears (and even with the hearing aids his don’t work so well ūüėČ); I want to be involved, as his support crew; and I have to be involved, as he is not allowed to drive!

Along side of the hospital dramas, was my exhibition in Kyneton. You know that it was my first solo exhibition, and I was very excited. Just to refresh your memory, Kyneton is a regional town about an hour from Melbourne. I managed to get there a few times, including the Meet the Artist session.

solo exhibition of Anne Lawson Art

I was blown away to see my work hanging and felt so proud.

solo exhibition, the Old Auction House Gallery


Anne Lawson Art

solo exhibition The Old Auction House

A big shout out to Rhain at the Old Auction House. Along with Jo, she has been such a positive support for me. It has all gone so smoothly. She is building a vibrant, creative space ~ musicians play together on Sundays, a studio space house a costume maker, the gallery walls are full of interesting art and the gift shop is a treat. All things for sale are hand made, and if not local then from Victoria and Australia.

I was delighted too by the number of friends who were able to get to see it. If you were one of them, big hugs! It’s a lovely feeling to know that so many people, even those of you who couldn’t make it, are interested in my art and cheering me on.


And the sales? Well, as of a week ago, I know that 2 have sold. There may have been a big rush in the last week of the exhibition! ūü§ěūüŹľ

This is one that is off to a new home.


Anne Lawson Art tree painting

The other painting was one of the oil pastel trees. Maybe it was this one?

Anne Lawson Art

On Wednesday I will head to Kyneton to pick up the remaining ones.

Was there one that you fancied? Over the next few months I am going to ‘advertise’ the paintings. A weekly blog post, Instagram and Facebook posts and my newsletter will give you details and close-up photos of one of the trees. If you would like to buy it just let me know.

I have been so inspired by everyone’s positivity that I have applied for another exhibition at the Beadle Hall Community Gallery, at the Incinerator Gallery* here in Moonee Ponds. I’ll find out if I have been accepted in early November.

*Why is it called the Incinerator Gallery? An incinerator, designed by world renown architects Walter Burley Griffin and Marion Mahony, has been repurposed into an arts hub. Read more about it.

The story of the Incinerator highlights a proud moment in Australia’s history, when our country developed an innovative, economical and technologically advanced solution to waste disposal that was envied worldwide.

Pity we can’t do that today.


Anne Lawson Art

A solo exhibition!

Well, in between getting the Fella home from hospital (he is doing very well; thank you for your positive thoughts) and my Mum going into hospital (she is also doing well, but still in hospital and being looked after so well by the nursing staff) I had an offer of a solo exhibition at the Old Auction House in Kyneton.

If you have been following my blog for a while you will know that a solo exhibition has been a goal for a long time. I researched galleries, googled “ways to approach galleries”, worked on a body of work, but was held back by the fear of rejection. What if the gallery said “No. Not good enough”?

Then, as often happens, my fear was bypassed when Rhain, at the Old Auction House, approached me. Her previous booking had fallen through, and had a gap for August. She had seen my work at the recent group show ‘Not your usual canvas’, and popped the question ~ Would I be interested? Would I? You bet!

So in between hospital visits I sorted through my art works, and surprised myself by finding about 17 pieces that I would be happy to show. All trees, so no surprise there!

About half of the pieces are oil pastel trees.


I have often shown the smaller, A4 versions of these trees, and some are still available in my Etsy shop.¬†You might remember me telling you about my fascination for trees after my trip over the Nullabor Plain. The ones for the exhibition are larger ~ A3 and one is even bigger. I haven’t shown these before as they are too large to send through the post ¬†successfully. Lucky, because they are perfect for the exhibition.

Another group are the watercolour landscapes embellished with sewing. (I call them landscapes because I don’t know where they fit.) Some you have seen before, but they haven’t had wide exposure.

tree painting

Then a couple of single trees, watercolour canopies and stitched branches and trunks.


The last group are a couple of works created only in watercolour.


I think they will hang well together, with a consistency of shape, media and certainly theme.

I won’t have time to create anything large from my Police Point residency. Whatever comes from that might be in my next exhibition!!

However, I would like to find time to create some of the panoramas that I began down there. They should be a nice little addition to the collection. Along with the cards I have already made, they will give people a chance to buy something at a lower price.

So, work to do before the beginning of August, but quite do-able, and yes, I have made a list.

If you are going to be around Victoria in August I would love you to be able to see my work in person.

8th August to 2nd September

The Old Auction House

52 – 56 Mollison St


My secret plan isn’t happening this time :(

I mentioned that I had a secret plan, that I wasn’t telling¬†because there was a chance that I would chicken out. It is not happening, but not because I am a chicken.

The Incinerator Gallery¬†had a call out for artists interested in exhibiting there. And I was. That was my plan. If I am to be serious about my art ~ and I do want to be ~ then the next step is to exhibit. It means that the work I am doing, that is coming out of my time on Flinders Island, has to be of a quality to exhibit. It has to be technically good as well as having that something that will capture an audience’s attention.

I have never been here before. You can understand the confidence needed to say “This is my work. It says something interesting about the world and you need to have it in your gallery.” It’s a risk, and I am not a natural risk taker. So, applying for the exhibition was going to be like jumping off the high diving board. (It makes my heart flutter just thinking about it!) There was always the small chance that I would chicken out and metaphorically climb down the ladder rather than jumping.

However, the decision was taken from me. Sensibly I went to the Gallery to look at the spaces they were offering. Neither were suitable. One was an area with little wall space and would be great if I was a sculptor. The other was an outside space; even less suitable to my works on paper!

There are other spaces and one comes up in August. So that’s one option. There will be others, I know that. So, for now, more melaleucas of a professional standard!

My painting was accepted!

I was so chuffed to pick the painting up and see that little blue dot on it, showing that it had been accepted for the exhibition, “The Art of Botanical Illustration, 2014”. Big hugs to everyone who wrote messages of support, or even just thought them. I think they made the difference!

So now my painting of the plant Cullen pallidum is at the framers, being dressed in all its finery!

So, if you are in Melbourne or happen to be passing through, make sure you get to the exhibition. If you are a fan of botanical art, you will be in seventh heaven, because the standard of works is always very high.

Twelfth Biennial Exhibition of Botanical Art

Presented by The Friends of the Royal Botanical Gardens Melbourne

When:  25 October to 9 November 2014 
week days 10 am – 4 pm weekends 10 am – 6 pm (9 Nov 10 am – 4 pm)
Where: Domain House Gallery, Dallas Brooks Drive, Melbourne 3004

Cost:    Gold Coin donation

Now I can focus on getting ready for my next adventure…..


Just add heat — Robyn Hosking

My last post was about an exhibition of my friend’s work. Her enamelled creations are delicate and intriguing. Wendy put the show on with another artist, Robyn Hosking. I didn’t know of Robyn’s work, but I did enjoy it.

She creates political satire with ceramic figures — and¬†Australian federal politics over the last few years¬†has given her an overabundance of material to comment on! Those of you who are overseas may not understand the nuances of the politics, but everyone can appreciate the quality and originality of her quirky work.

Work of Robyn Hosking (Photo copyright: Anne Lawson 2013)
Work of Robyn Hosking (Photo copyright: Anne Lawson 2013)
Work of Robyn Hosking (Photo copyright: Anne Lawson 2013)
Work of Robyn Hosking (Photo copyright: Anne Lawson 2013)
Work of Robyn Hosking (Photo copyright: Anne Lawson 2013)
Work of Robyn Hosking (Photo copyright: Anne Lawson 2013)
Work of Robyn Hosking (Photo copyright: Anne Lawson 2013)
Work of Robyn Hosking (Photo copyright: Anne Lawson 2013)

This last one is titled “Rudd’s Travails: Backbenched, Bound and Gagged.”

Work of Robyn Hosking (Photo copyright: Anne Lawson 2013)
Work of Robyn Hosking (Photo copyright: Anne Lawson 2013)

Just add heat — Wendy Korol

I love to find out the creative passions of people. When we work full time we often have to put those passions to one side. Working is such a drain on our energies, emotional and mental, not to mention just finding the time. Even when we have the time it is often difficult to crank ourselves up to begin painting/writing/sewing/potting/printing/add own creative passion here. Hands up those who agree. Yep, a forest of hands!

My friend Wendy was like that too. When we taught together I knew that she was fascinated with making jewellery. However, it wasn’t until she left teaching that she was able to pursue it — and she has done with fabulous dedication.

On Friday I went to Wendy’s exhibition of her amazing work from her Masters year at RMIT. She has been working with thin copper sheets to create enamelled vessels. The forms looked so solid, and yet, at the same time, looked so light. She says “The protrusion of the metal with its crinkled and unrefined ridges provides a dramatic surface for the enamels to amplify the slopes and valleys of the creases”. The photos of her work will tell you much more than my words will.

Wendy Korol's work (Photocopy right: Anne Lawson, 2013)
Wendy Korol’s work (Photocopy right: Anne Lawson, 2013)
Wendy Korol's work (Photocopy right: Anne Lawson, 2013)
Wendy Korol’s work (Photocopy right: Anne Lawson, 2013)
Wendy Korol's work (Photocopy right: Anne Lawson, 2013)
Wendy Korol’s work (Photocopy right: Anne Lawson, 2013)

See those little chairs and tables there too? Wendy said that they were inspired by a childhood memory of a cafe she went to. She was intrigued by the chairs there, those ‘s’ shaped chairs. How could you sit on them and not have them collapse? Now she has created hundreds of them, piling them up on tables, putting them around tables, tipping some over. One of the other viewers at the exhibition thought it was like the morning after a party!

The chairs were made with copper wire and copper for the back and seat.

Wendy Korol's work (Photocopy right: Anne Lawson, 2013)
Wendy Korol’s work (Photocopy right: Anne Lawson, 2013)
Wendy Korol's work (Photocopy right: Anne Lawson, 2013)
Wendy Korol’s work (Photocopy right: Anne Lawson, 2013)
Wendy Korol's work (Photocopy right: Anne Lawson, 2013)
Wendy Korol’s work (Photocopy right: Anne Lawson, 2013)

I would love to be able to say “Go and visit the exhibition”. However, it has finished. But there will be more and I will let you know about it. I will be very curious to know what Wendy will create next.

“From the Forest to the Foreshore” Exhibition

I find it satisfying to have sequential blog posts, so that I can tell a narrative. I have been posting about my holiday through Victoria. But now I have to jump away from that story to start another.

I am a botanic artist. I am very pleased to be able to participate in an exhibition organised by the Friends of the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne. The concept, “From the Forest to the Foreshore” was right up my street. So before I went away I was feverishly painting shells. 2 paintings needed to be finished in time to get them to the framers. All went well and today I dropped them off at the exhibition space. How exciting is that?

So, if you live in or near Melbourne, love paintings of shells, butterflies, birds and their nests, frogs, pinecones, ferns etc, etc, etc, then come along. The art work will be stunning! It starts on Saturday and goes until Sunday 13th October. All the details are on the flyer below.

…..If you do get to visit it, let me know what you think.