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Let’s catch up

Yes, it has been a while (aside from a couple of days ago πŸ˜‰ ). It would have been easy to let blogging slide, but I don’t want that. I love writing. Equally I love all of you, my online tribe, and I miss chatting to you.

When I last wrote I had grand plans for sewing each day and blogging each week, which I managed for a couple of weeks. The last couple of months have been rather strange, with some challenges I have had to work my way through. I am content with where I am now, and hope to be a regular writer….but we will see.

What’s helped me gat back on track?

Maybe it’s getting the right medication at the right doses. It has taken a while to get the dosage right for the Fella’s heart issues. It seems to be at the right level now. I have been changing and adjusting the medication I take for my polymyalgia rheumatica. Like many autoimmune conditions, one of the debilitating effects is fatigue. There was a period where I just couldn’t be bothered. Now I am full of beans and want to be active.

Maybe it’s trying to be more mindful, more in the present. When things are challenging it is so easy to slip into a mindset that looks for dangers, to anticipate what might go wrong, to imagine about worst case scenarios.

A little of that helps me see problems that might arise and to make plans. Too much makes me hyper-vigilant. I am trying to do the things that are good for me ~ taking time to be in the present, where nothing needs to be done, just be; to breath deeply; to engage my brain and notice things; to walk; drink more water; eat more vegetables. To create. To blog and connect with friends.

Maybe it is having had Covid, which happened a few weeks ago. I was lucky, only having a mild illness. I caught it from my mother, who also came through it okay. Amazingly the Fella didn’t get it, despite also being with my mother and then not being able to isolate from each other at home. I know the pandemic is not over; I know that I can get it again and that the Fella can get it; I know that it may be worse next time. However I also know that I can cope. It’s time to emerge, sensibly.

Maybe it is the improvement in the weather. Today is a beautiful day. The sort of day where everyone you meet says “I hope you can get to enjoy some of this beautiful sunshine today.” You can feel Spring on its way.

Maybe it is that my AFL team, Collingwood, is doing remarkably well. 11 wins in a row and 2nd on the ladder. (I am a very fair-weather supporter, and only get up and about when they are doing well!)

And maybe it is all these things coming together. The challenges are not over, but I have learnt that I have all I need within me to meet them. That’s a powerful feeling.

Now on to my creative work….

I finished the map of the Maribyrnong River that I was working on last time we met.

I am still thinking of stitching maps, and last week worked on this one of the wetlands near me. The first photo is when I thought it was finished, the second when it was actually finished. It needed to have more density around the edges, more reedy, soggy vegetation.

The tangled, tufty stitch is velvet stitch, which I learnt from my stitching wheel sampler. I like the 3D effect it gives to the work. And a close up:

I am going to do a companion to this one, and maybe more ~ I do like working a series. It’s finding the time to set it up, because caring for someone is very time consuming and what time is left is easy to fritter away. At least now I can be bothered.

I respectfully acknowledge the traditional custodians of this land on which I live – the Wurundjeri Woi-wurrung People of the Kulin Nation, their spirits, ancestors, elders and community members past and present. The land I show in these embroidered maps was, and always will be Aboriginal land.

21 replies on “Let’s catch up”

good to read such positive thoughts, Anne! and love your recent stitching. That wetlands embroidery is amazing – I just want to reach out and touch it to feel all the textures.

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Oh Anne…it sounds as if you’ve really been through the wars. -huge hugs- I’m so glad things are starting to improve. Like you, the sunshine has made me feel a bit better generally. It’s been one of the longest, hardest winters I can remember. Let’s hope it’s all up from here. πŸ™‚

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Thanks Meeks. There have been some challenging times, and I know they are not over. Hopefully I have the resources to deal with them. It has been a hard winter, but there are hints of spring in the air.

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-hugs- Yes, spring is coming. My fruit trees aren’t waiting for the calendar. Neither are the birds. Had a visit from a gorgeous red and green rosella a couple of days ago. He was doing a mating dance to entice the female to ‘come hither’. I was beside myself! lol
Life will get better. We just have to keep plodding along.


Anne, you write so honestly and with clarity. I really enjoyed reading this and understanding where you are in life. I’m so to hear about your recent illness with COVID, in addition to the chronic disease at hand. Caregiving is exhausting, so I understand how that can strip you of your creativity and energy. I’ve been in a writing rut myself, writing in my head, thinking about writing, talking about writing, but not ACTUALLY writing. So I’m going to try to take inspiration from you.

I love your work. That map is really something. You always come up with something unique and exciting, not to mention beautiful. Your pieces always make me think, too.

Welcome back. I hope you can stay a while. If not, I get that, too. xo

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I really understand about writing blog posts in my head, and thinking about them, but not quite getting to them!
Thanks for you positive words, Alys. Care giving can be exhausting, and while it is also very rewarding, it doesn’t leave a lot of time. The good thing about the embroidery is that I can do it in the pockets of time, and feel that I have achieved quite a bit.


Thank you for sharing about your challenges, polymyalgia rheumatica, life and the good stuff. From my reading auto immune-inflammatory diseases are more recognised… and the COVID pandemic I’m sure will contribute further. I’m pleased you are feeling back on track. I love seeing posts and updates from our little community.

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We are a little community, aren’s we? I love the connection too. I agree that autoimmune diseases, as well as others like fibromyalgia, are being recognised more. The problem is that the symptoms are often really vague, like fatigue, and can be symptoms of so many diseases.
Thanks of putting me onto Carers Victoria. It is a great resource. I have signed myself up for an online course into carer wellbeing. I am sure I will get a lot out of it.

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Okay, first up, WELCOME BACK! Sounds like you more than needed some time off. And hey, we may have been suffering through COVID at the same time, so now we’re COVID buddies : ) Now, what I really want to say is I absolutely love the embroidery piece in the hoop. I feel like I could step right into it. Anyway, glad you’re feeling better and feeling creative : )

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Thanks Tammie. It is so nice to be back (even though it is longer than I wanted between posts), in my community. Have you recovered fully from your COVID bout?
I am pleased you like the embroidery. I am working, slowly, on another one.


Lovely to hear you are back to your usual energetic, creative self and I love those maps. I am sure all the things you mention have helped your recovery- the weather certainly affects my mood and energy levels as does ‘worriting’ – worryng in a way that doesn’t help me plan or find solutions.

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“Worriting” describes my thoughts perfectly! We need to worry about things, but in a way that can lead to solutions and plans. Too often I feel that the hamster is just whirring around in my brain.
How have you coped with the extreme heat over the last months?

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Fortunately here the heat did not last long. I just holed up indoors where it was manageable and did some sewing! That was suitably non-energetic.


good to hear that Master Can’t Be Bothered has gone off to some place else and left you with some good feelings to do some making that you enjoy. Yes juggling meds does take some effort, I’ve had to do that with my asthma meds, including taking a swift puff if there is any sign that my lungs are struggling to keep up with me. I’ve just finished this evening the last of the recommended Vit C chewable tablets to help recover from Covid – still working on what to do about my voice that varies through the day – but apparently that should clear up!
Upwards and onwards, friend – but at the pace that suits you…

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‘Master Can’t Be Bothered’ made me laugh ~ it does feel like some irritable child!
How are you recovering from COVID? I haven’t had any long term effects. I think it was just something else thrown into the mix at that time. I did feel constrained by the 7 day isolation, especially as I started isolating a few days before i got the positive result. Next time (fingers crossed their won’t be a next time) I will go to get a more accurate PCR rather than rely on the RATs.

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I seem to gotten the daily covid issues gone…but yesterday I was at an event where mask wearing was needed and I started coughing, it was a warm day and the mask just made me feel strangled. I finally got it under control.

I hated the isolation particularly that I was at home! But then again if I’d been home I doubt I would’ve remembered to eat and I was fed regularly, food on a low table outside…mask on, open door, tale in room, eat. Put empty tray on table…


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