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Sewing #1

Not a very imaginative title, not one that will make the algorithms sit up and take notice, but the best I can do at the moment.

It is #1 because I hope it to be the first of a weekly series documenting my work.

My intention is to spend time each day on my latest project. To hold me accountable I am going to document my daily progress. I was going to post every day, but realised how tedious that would be for me and for you.

So I am photographing each day, and on Sundays I will post the progress from the previous week.

I love your comments, but please, don’t feel obligated to comment on these posts. I am happy to show you what I am up to, but it is also to keep myself accountable to myself.

Now, to set the scene…..I have begun a new work that is based on the Maribyrnong River, which flows close to me. Melbourne’s main river is the Yarra; the Maribyrnong is rather a forgotten one but equally interesting and diverse. I will tell you about it some time soon.

You can see the flow of the river in this work. However, the green along the banks is my creative licence, as much of the area is built up now. I am hoping the layers of stitching show that layering of time.

Now, the eagle eyed among you will have realised that this is not a full week’s work. Yes, I fell at the first fence. I have spent the last couple of days over at my Mum’s while my brother takes some time for himself. I sewed one day, but forgot to photograph it. After I hit publish on this post, I will add some more stitches to it.

Last post I mentioned recycling my x-rays. The Elsternwick Library has a great e-waste recycling station, that took the x-rays. It is not far from Mum’s, so I had a tiny adventure to Elsternwick ~ a visit to the Library, a delicious coffee and picked up some yummy quiches for lunch.

I respectfully acknowledge the traditional custodians of this land on which I live – the Wurundjeri Woi-wurrung People of the Kulin Nation, their spirits, ancestors, elders and community members past and present.

17 replies on “Sewing #1”

I am really looking forward to seeing how this develops. Could you bear to put in some extra information like what type of fabric you are using on the layers? It looks quite sheer. And what is the base fabric? If all that si too much or no use to you for your records then don’t feel obliged!


Of course I can give the information. Thanks for the reminder.
The base fabric is linen, a tea towel given to me by a friend. It is quite an open weave. The other fabrics are scraps of organza, given to me many years ago by someone who made evening gowns. It’s good to be using some of my stash!

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Oh, I REALLY like this already. So far it reminds me of an antique map. It’ll be fun seeing how it evolves.

As far as the note on recycling…wow! I’m impressed. I don’t think half those things are recyclable in the US (at least not where I am), and to recycle the other half would take an entire day of driving to different drop-off facilities. Good job to that library!!

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I love the idea of an antique map. As i sew I have been thinking of maps, and wondering if the lines of stitches are contour lines.
It is a shame recycling is so difficult for you. What a waste of resources.

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Once again another interesting piece that will keep us guessing as to your progress. Artistic license is sometimes preferred to the reality which is in this case concrete buildings. Good project!


Yes! I think we all need to feel that we’re being creative, or at least productive, and even a small success is miles better than no success at all. Each stitch is an achievement.


great challenge to interpret the river as you imagine it should be or was before buildings took over. Will you put in transport options that probably were used in times gone by – like the canals in countries where barges and the like ferried goods up and down the byways…Ghost towns that were once thriving places of various businesses… Enjoy your journey in stitch


I don’t think I will be that specific….probably because I am not sure how! So far I have been using French knots to look like vegetation. I think I am thinking about the land precolonisation.

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