Calling all my quilting friends!

My lacy work is evolving in to a small quilt thing…..and I need some advice from all you clever and beautiful quilters (and other non-quilters too, of course).

This is where I am

I have sewn the vertical seams, and will sew the horizontal today. From there on I am unsure. I know I don’t want it to be too bulky nor have a visible binding. I also have to think about hanging it some how.

I have this material for the backing. It is quite soft and light.


Should I use some batting between the layers? I have this that could work.

How would you recommend I attach the layers? Is it as simple as making like a pillow case/cushion cover and turning it inside out?

Do you think it needs binding/edging?

How do I go about quilting the layers? I am happy to handstitch and was thinking about carefully working my way along the seams.

And lastly (unless there are questions I haven’t even thought about!) how do I attach a hanging device, pockets etc? I want that to be as unobtrusive as possible too.

Thank you thank you thank you for any advice you can give me. 😘

By anne54

Botanic artist

8 replies on “Calling all my quilting friends!”

I am not a great quilter but I would say you are on the right lines. Make it like a pillowcase, turn it inside out and hand stitch the gap, then hand stitch along the seams to keep everything together. For hanging you could insert loops of tape, ribbon or fabric into one of the seams and thread a rod through. From experience stitch these to the fabric before assembling but do so within the seam allowance then pin the loops out of the way before stitching the seam – the pins will be on the outside once you turn it through but will stop the lops getting caught in the seam as you stitch that. Or attach a strip of fabric to make a pocket on the back before you make it all up positioning it just below the seam allowance. Hope this helps.

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I love your questions but I’m not a quilter so I’ve nothing much to say – other than “do you want a lofty look or a flat look” which I would relate to the “batting”


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