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Three weeks ago I showed you the square I was stitching. I had no firm idea about what it was going to be as I was just playing with stitches I learnt form my stitching wheel.

At the same time I was thinking deeply about my wardrobe. The full explanation is for another post. However one conclusion I came to was that I want the things I wear to be interesting, unexpected and things that I enjoy.

My mind wandered off to a plain lightweight jacket that I should wear more often. It is perfect for cool Spring or Autumn days, where you need something but nothing heavy.

And then the question/suggestion: “Why don’t I embroider patches for the pockets?”

So I did.

It was fun to play with different threads from my stash, including one that has long pink threads embedded in it. And more coral knot stitch.

The patches are only hand sewn on, so are easily removed if I decide to go back to plain ~ or desire different unexpected patches.

It’s an odd unexpected combination, but the patches make me smile. (I am eying off the yoke at the moment!)

This stitch-a-long is for personal stitching. There is a group of us who post every three weeks. Follow the links as there is such a wonderful diversity of stitching going on in the group.


I respectfully acknowledge the traditional custodians of this land on which I live and sew – the Wurundjeri Woi-wurrung People of the Kulin Nation, their spirits, ancestors, elders and community members past and emerging.

38 replies on “Stitch-A-Long”

Embellishing the yoke is worth a try, isn’t it? If it doesn’t work, then at least I have had fun doing it. The buttons are riveted through the material, so I can’t see a way to change them. πŸ˜•


I have loads of perfectly nice but boring clothes in my wardrobe and have been thinking that I would like to make them more interesting – I think you have just inspired me!

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At the moment Christmas presents are dominating my thoughts! But in the back of my mind are doing something creative with the knitted blocks I have made – not sure what or whether to add in some other colours. a totally off-piste, break all the rules, piece of knitting crochet to cover a footstool box I was given, and some socks from Kate Davies’s new book ‘Bluestockings’ plus I have a pile of clothes I never wear which I must either transform or get rid of and a large pile of mending. No doubt blog posts will follow! I really need to do as you are doing and either make my clothes ones I really love or get rid of them and replace them.


Anne – I’ve just started following over on instagram. She has lots for crafting ideas, but the reason I’m following her is for her clothing ‘hacks’ lots of ways to jazz up or use visible mending in an interesting and effective way.

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I will check her out Dawn. I got some inspiration from a woman who does wild hacks to garments and other stuff she buys in op-shops, but I have forgotten her name. I am going to do a blog about my wardrobe thoughts, so I will include her info there.

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Does it make you think about adding patchwork to pockets?
BTW Tierney, the latest issue of Uppercase magazine is all about quilting. Lots of articles about art quilts, which made me think of you. Have you seen the magazine?

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