Happy dance time! The Stitch Wheel Sampler that I have been working on is finished.

A shout out to Cathy Reavy, as her planning and YouTube videos of the different stitches were clear and interesting.

I added my own flourish at the end ~ a ring of coral knot stitch around the outside.

So, to give the details of the final stitches.

  1. Closed feather stitch
  2. Knotted blanket stitch/button hole stitch ~ this was my least favourite, and least successful stitch, of the whole wheel.
  3. Herringbone stitch
  4. Double herringbone stitch
  5. Quaker stitch
  6. Mountmellick stitch
  7. Portugese knotted stem stitch

What to do with it? I am leaning towards making it into a cushion, but I am yet to investigate round inserts. At the moment my mojo is elsewhere, so it may languish for a while.

As for what to do next….I am not sure. I like doing my more freeform stitching, but with the stitch wheel I enjoyed not having to think too much. Once I had watched the video my only decision was what colour to sew.

This Stitch-A-Long for embroiders to carry out their own passion projects. Each of us is doing something quite different and all are wonderful to see each three weeks. Follow the links below to find out what we are up to.


A quick update on the Grand Final of the Aussie rules footy I mentioned in my last post. The Melbourne Football Team won convincingly, although the first half was a tight tussle. I have many happy relatives, and one resigned (“Maybe it will be the Doggies’ turn next year”) partner!

I respectfully acknowledge the traditional custodians of this land on which I live – the Wurundjeri Woi-wurrung People of the Kulin Nation, their spirits, ancestors, elders and community members past and emerging.

41 replies on “SAL”

I enjoyed the double herringbone too. It had enough of a challenge to keep my brain happy, but not too much! It certainly needs to be somewhere to be seen and used as stitch inspiration.


Your sampler is wonderful. And don’t minimise the importance of choosing a colour of thread – the overall effect is just as important as the close up view of each stitch. I can easily get round cushion pads here so I imagine it will be easy for you too. Do show us the finished article please.

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I don’t think I will have trouble getting a round insert. However, at the moment the shop I would go to, Spotlight, is closed because of our lockdown. I would browse online, but it is at the lower end of things to do! I will show the finished thing, but don’t hold your breath as it may be a long wait.

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I shall look forward to the ‘reveal’ but like you have a lot of things waiting to be finished so I am in no position to chivvy you!


This is beautiful! I like the cushion idea. It will definitely be a conversation piece. I am looking forward to seeing what beautiful stitching you decide to work on next.

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The cushion will take a while…partly because I enjoy the process of making more than the finished object. Which means I am getting excited by my new project, which I think will include varying a few stitches ~ different weight yarns, colours, size etc. Another sampler of ideas!


Beautiful!!! I love seeing all the different stitches in one place. As for finishing, I have two round embroidery pieces in my “what to do with this?” box because I also don’t really know how I want to finish them — so I look forward to reading more of the ideas that come in!

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I am happy to let the sampler sit for a while, although I would like to have it finished. I know just what you mean about the “what to do with this?” box. However, an idea usually comes along at some point.


Anne, I’ve really enjoyed watching your progress on this sampler. I like the idea of a follow along project. Perhaps one day I’ll have the time and the discipline. I hope you do create a pillow/cushion with your handiwork. I hope you are doing well.

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Our trip to New Zealand is among the most special times in my life. It was extraordinary in every way. I’m so glad the timing worked out when it did, too. Who could have predicted a pandemic followed by Pauline’s untimely death. It’s certainly yet another lesson about living in the moment. xo


The sampler is simply lovely, Anne. Much too nice for a cushion! I wonder if you could find/have made a round picture frame? My aunt did tapestry and gifted me with a couple of beautiful pieces. I had them framed [with glass] and now they hang on my walls, safe from moths and wear and tear.

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Those tapestries would be lovely to have, Meeks, and to be able to enjoy them each day. Framing is a good idea, as pieces like this are prone to moth and insect damage, and dust (especially in my house!).

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‘moth and insect damage, and dust’…in my house too! lol
I was just thinking that if you can gently flatten the embroidery, you could frame it in a square frame instead. Much easier to find, I’m sure.


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