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‘Between Worlds’

“Between Worlds”. That’s the title of my exhibition in Kyneton, at the Old Auction House.

If you read my newsletter* you will know that I have been offered an extension to the exhibition dates. That was such a nice surprise (although not for the artist who was unable to mount theirs after mine). In Melbourne we are back in lockdown, so visiting is out of the question. I felt that maybe my collages would be locked away in the gallery for the time.

It is now running until September 13th at

The Old Auction House

52 ~ 56 Mollison St


Surely in that time this current lockdown will be lifted so that I can get to see it, along with lots of other Melburnians too of course. It is already open for those of you living in regional Victoria. I was delighted to come across this on the Visit Macedon Ranges website.

A taste of some of the collages in the exhibition. These are all in the Reeds series, inspired by my local wetlands.

Reeds #2 Image copyright Anne Lawson 2021
Reeds #2 Image copyright Anne Lawson 2021
Reeds #3 Image copyright Anne Lawson 2021
Reeds #3 Image copyright Anne Lawson 2021
Reeds #1 Image copyright Anne Lawson 2021
Reeds #1 Image copyright Anne Lawson 2021
Reeds #2 Image copyright Anne Lawson 2021
Reeds #4 Image copyright Anne Lawson 2021
Reeds #6 Image copyright Anne Lawson 2021
Reeds #6 Image copyright Anne Lawson 2021

* If you are interested in finding out more detail of my art practice, my newsletter is the thing to read. I publish it monthly, although at the moment, with the two exhibitions on the go, it has been a little more frequent. People tell me that they really enjoy reading it, which is always heartening to hear.

My blog looks different now. You may remember me bemoaning that I couldn’t type/edit/publish posts on WordPress on my laptop. That page was just blank. Advice was to change the theme, so I have, and it worked. I am happily typing with my fingers rather than my thumbs on the WP app on my phone. Bonus is that I quite like the clarity of this theme.

I respectfully acknowledge the traditional custodians of this land on which I live – the Wurundjeri Woi-wurrung People of the Kulin Nation, their spirits, ancestors, elders and community members past and emerging.

23 replies on “‘Between Worlds’”

I am relieved I have been able to sort out the WP issue too. It is nice to be back in familiar routines! Our lockdown has been extended to September 3, so hopefully I will be able to get up there in those next 10 days.

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While I am happy that I will have more of a chance to see the exhibition, I have a ‘what will be will be’ attitude. I hope locals get to see it, for the sake of the gallery too


Agree wholeheartedly with all the comments to date, and the link to the article is a fine promotion. Somehow even with the lockdowns, you’ve achieved so much of getting enough work created to have 2 shows in vastly different places…congratulations.

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and that 18 months! has NOT been under normal circumstances of course, much of it for Melbournites has been “now where will I go today?” “oh that’s right, stay home…take a walk, do the essentials quickly” “then maybe I could make some art” “or should I just take the day off and read a book…”

I’m still stunned at why the covidiots are still roaming around both Victoria and now NSW … when will the people wake up – such a small % to cause so much strife.

I know you are taking care, and being brave, and doing your part but…….

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I would be cross too…how are they so thick! Obviously no one in their family has had the virus….

Shrugs and frowning.

Reports here that when the news reported the case, panic buyers with no masks.

Then when alert level announced, mostly the young out to party!

I’m lost for words on those covidiots!


I am not optimistic either, Meeks, especially with this latest extension. ~sigh~ At least some people out of Melbourne will be able to see it. (And I will have a body of work for another exhibition sometime!)

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Yes, the timing is lousy, but as you say, the work will never go to waste. They are beautiful pieces too. Chin up!
Just between you and me, the imposition of a curfew actually made me feel better not worse. There really are some monstrous people out there, and if this is the only way to be safe from them, so be it. :/

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