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My exhibition is coming up!

This should be a Stitch-A-Long post. These last three weeks have been hectic, and I just couldn’t get to stitch. However, there will be lots of wonderful stitching to see at the other members of the group. Follow the links to see their work.


My partner has been back in hospital, after a fall. He is okay, but hospital visiting and caring takes time….and emotion and energy.

So I have used my pockets of time to get ready for the library exhibition, the first of two that I have coming up in July and August. I think I am on track. The meeting with the organiser this week will help me work out whether I am right.

Details of the exhibition for my Melbourne readers:

14th July to 8 August

Ascot Vale Library

Union Rd,

Ascot Vale

You are welcome to just drop into the library and have a look, but they will be for sale too. As you can see the works will be up for quite a while.

There are lots of you who won’t be able to make it 😪. I will treat you to the paintings by publishing them, one a day for the next few weeks. Here’s the first one:


My works are interpretations of the worlds between land and sea. This one is part of the mangroves series, which were created by tearing up paper.

I decided that my old watercolour landscape painting would be perfect to tear up and then glue back down again. You can see some tree trunks in the shapes. I created the background paper, the sandy sea, with acrylic paint on photocopy paper.

The work is A3 size, and looks good in its blond wood frame.

I respectfully acknowledge the traditional custodians of this land o which I live – the Wurundjeri Woi-wurrung People of the Kulin Nation, their spirits, ancestors, elders and community members past and present.

28 replies on “My exhibition is coming up!”

Wonderful to see that your exhibition is going ahead and hoping your partner is recovering from his fall and so forth. Going to love seeing your new artworks unfold here…


Very sorry to hear about the fella. I hope he improves quickly and that you are not too exhausted caring for him. I wish I could come to see your exhibition but thank you so much for putting the paintings on the blog – not as good as seeing the real thing but a good second best.

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The paintings do look better in real life, and I think the frames add to them. I am sorry you can’t get to see them….a chat in the real world would be wonderful.

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Thanks Cathie. The Fella is on the mend. The startling bruising on his face is gradually coming back to normal.


Thanks for the good wishes, Carole. I am getting a little nervous about having enough paintings, so it will be good to have them installed. My partner is on the mend, but it is a slow process.


Getting things ready for the exhibition has given me something different to be nervous about! Thanks for the good wishes, Avis.


As you know, I love your (he)art…wish I could see some of it in person at that exhibition. I’m confident your pieces will touch those who do attend and maybe nudge them to buy something, too!
All the best to you and your ‘fella’.

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I would love it if you could see it too as showing online is only second best. Thanks for your support, and I hope you like the other works over the next few days.

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I was inspired by an aerial photo of the mangroves in Westernport Bay, and wanted to capture the stillness of them. They are rather unlovely habitats, but when you are in them I am sure you can hear them breath.
The Fella is on the mend. I am charting progress by how far the bruising sinks down his face. He had two beaut black eyes, and now it is down on his lower cheeks.


In some ways the masks have made him look a little scarier, all that showed was the head wound and the bruised eyes. I felt sorry for little kids he passed by!

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It was lovely having the exhibitions (there is another coming up in early August!) to think about and work towards. I have panic moments when I worry I don’t have enough, but I think I will be right.


Oh man, you have had a time of it! Thanks for sharing your exhibition with us, I look forward to seeing the pieces. Hope your partner is healing up and doing better this week. It’s hard to get things done if you are feeling fractured.

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It has been a trying time, but there is a tremendous amount of support from the hospital. I am very grateful to everyone who is helping him heal. I think I am lucky to have the exhibition to work towards, as it gives me something else to think about.

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