Yay! I thought I wouldn’t be able to post this today. When I went to use my laptop to write I only got a blank page. No idea on why, but I can’t edit or write. So I have moved to the app on my phone, and am letting my thumbs do the talking. (How modern, but quite frustrating.)

Last SAL I had nothing to show, so I was determined this time to have at least a couple of squares completed on the stitch wheel. I put the knitting down and picked up the needle. Here are the results:

3 squares done on the outer right edge

Normally I would link to Cathy Reav’s YouTube channel to show how to make the stitches, but I am afraid easily adding links is beyond my thumbs at the moment! So I will just name the stitches and let you do the searching.

  1. Battlement coughing
  2. Burden stitch
  3. Woven pivots– these make wonderful flowers, and while they are fiddly, they are quite easy.

It’s been a busy, exhausting couple of weeks and I hope to fill you in some time soon. In the mean time jump over to look at the other stitchers who post updates on their personal stitching. There are glorious things to see. (And if anyone has suggestions on how to fix my inability to write posts I would love to hear from you.)


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I love your stitches and the stitch wheel. So clever and pretty. Personally -crossing fingers- I haven’t had any WP issues. Happily I can still use CLasic editor where others report only being able to use Block and other issues. Because WP and posts an be accessed in various ways via various systems it’s really hard to say. I’m using a Microsoft based laptop. I log on to WP via Microsoft Edge, go to My Sites via the LH menu, click Posts, click Add New. I get a blank page if I try to go back and edit a post using my Samsung tablet and Samsung internet. Some things just aren’t compatible.

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That’s how I used to do it too. Now I just get the blank page when I click on Add New. I haven’t tried it since Sunday, so I am hoping that it has fixed itself.
And while you are here….I am unable to post comments onto your site. I can write the comments, but when I click publish it tells me I must be logged in, which I am. Not sure if it is a related problem. It’s annoying, as I love being part of the conversation on your blog.


I am seriously impressed you could create a whole post with your thumbs! I can barely manage a two line txt, and that’s /with/ predictive text.
Can you access any other internet sites on your laptop? Is it only WordPress that’s being difficult? Oh and nice stitches. 😀

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It’s only WordPress (although I sometimes have issues with posting comments on some blogs, like Dale’s). Google suggested I unplug plug is, which I don’t have, and change back to the default theme. At the moment I can’t be bothered, and am hoping it will resolve itself.

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If it only just started, I doubt it’s the theme that’s the problem…unless WordPress has changed something which is now not playing nice with the old theme settings. If it doesn’t sort itself out soon, might pay to contact WordPress. It’s the only way to let the developers of the themes know that something’s wrong. Good luck.

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Thanks Meeks. It looks like we will be heading into a 7 day lockdown, so I will have time to investigate. Your thoughts about the theme are interesting, and make sense. It may be worth contacting WP before trying everything else.

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Morning, Anne…and here we are, again. Just read through the lockdown restrictions on the VicEmergency app, and apart from the curfew and a few other things, it is like last time. Oddly enough I’m /glad/. Maybe this time we’ll get angry enough to force Canberra to fork up some money for a proper quarantine facility. -sigh- Only 15 months too late, and lives too late for those of us still stuck in India. I don’t often hate anyone, but I hate the bunch in power at the moment.
Sorry. 😦
Yes, if you’re still having the same issues you should definitely contact WP.

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I really agree with you about what is happening Federally. I want to throw something/swear at the TV/radio whenever they come on. This lockdown is different in that the anger seems to be directed at the Libs federally, rather than state govt. Why can’t they get vaccinations right, especially in aged care and disability? And why can’t they get hotel quarantine right? Can you see the steam coming out of my ears too?! 😡

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Yes your “ear steam out” is resonating with me as well…not because I’m in Victoria but that’s not the point, I’m a close country neighbour to Australia. I read how the virus was transferred and yes it had everything to do with the quarantine facilities and how it was operating. Here anything out of place, is quickly stomped on. Some of the issues here had to do with the hotels’ aircon – some hotels quickly are closed and the upgrades made. And things were ring fenced real quick, although it does seem from my news gleaning this variant is “fast off the mark” …. take care my Australia friends, be safe…and so on.


I am awe inspired that you can do a post on your phone! When I send messages my fingers are too fat to hit the letters accurately the predictive text is way too helpful. My daughter and I have decided that helpful elves live in our phones but are frequently drunk! That’s our excuse and we are sticking to it! Hopefully WordPress and your laptop will agree a truce soon.

I love your stitch wheel. Your eye for colour really shows. I hpe life eases for you soon.

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I love the idea of drunk elves in the phone! it is the perfect image for that (as you say) overhelpful predictive text.
My life is getting back to normal, which is a relief! Thanks for your good wishes.

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Thanks Cathie. Unfortunately I can’t help much with the computer issue either. I am hoping good old procrastination will solve the problem ~ leave it and it will fix itself!


Have you tried turning your computer off and then back on? Your stitching is so lovely on your wheel. I love #2, what a burden to have to do this 🙂 Hoping your weeks of exhaustion settles down and you get back to a rested state.

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I tried logging out, an back in, but not on/off. It works for so many computer issues that it might just be what is needed here. Thanks for the reminder. Google says to change themes back to the default. I am not sure I ready for the hassle of all that!

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I am good at finding ways around things. I hope the phone is only temporary, but it was a relief to realise I had a back up. Thanks for your comments on the stitch wheel.


I am enjoying the variety too. Like all good samplers, it will be a great resource to use in the future. I must keep a paper/pencil copy of the stitches too, so that I know what the stitches are if all goes pear-shape with the digital world.


….and tiring for my poor thumbs! I was most frustrated by not being able to link easily. I am sure we all have our systems for copying links, and mine wouldn’t work easily on the phone. I hope I don’t have to find a way to do it on the phone.

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That made me smile 😊 i certainly do feel like I am all thumbs, and I love Sue’s image from an earlier comment that predictive text is like having drunken elves in the phone.

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The surprising thing is that all the stitches are quite easy….it certainly helps that Cathy’s instructions are clear. I am glad I have this three week SAL to push me to get at least a couple of the squares finished.

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