Another three weeks have flown past! Let me show you what I have been sewing on my wheel sampler.

This is where I am now:-

I am working through the stitch samples from Cathy Reavys’ videos. This ring is about stitches that can be used as filing stitches. I am delighted with how the little boxes are looking, as well as learning many different stitches.

Let me tell you what the stitches are, with the link to Cathy’s videos for each one.

  1. Long and short stitch
  2. Padded satin stitch
  3. Spiders web stitch
  4. Woven roses
  5. Velvet stitch
  6. Seeding
  7. Satin stitch
  8. Jacobean couching

I think my favourite might be the spiders web stitch. Which one is yours?

This stitch-a-long is so that we can show the personal stitching we have achieved over the three weeks. There are lots of great things happening in this group. Follow the links to find wonderful embroideries and cross stitch work.

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33 replies on “SAL”

I was careful with the couching, as I knew the heart would be trickier than a simpler shape. My next one is the battlement couching ~ or I think that is what it is called.


The roses seem to be a popular choice, Cathie! No wonder, as they are very pretty. Each stitch works up rather quickly, so they don’t take long. However, I have started knitting, so the stitching seems to be on the back burner.

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I agree that part of the appeal of this is the way Cathy has selected the stitches. They seem to be creating a well balanced composition. Satin stitch is certainly useful, and I am glad I have learnt how to do it properly.

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I’m intrigued by the velvet stitch – I can imagine that used (your use) underwater with the fronds waving about…but also what I’m thinking is what would happen if you used some of those stitches in a type of toning down of a dark black to grey OR red to pastel pink etc

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I’ll say. This is all a new challenge for you, and you have the patience and persistence, not to mention artistic talent to run with it. I’ll be interested in seeing what you do with all of this once you’ve mastered all the ‘tools’.


Someone else is doing that challenge too – wish I could remember who! – and I am beginning to think it would be a good one to try. However as I have 2 embroidery series on the go it will have to wait. I love the idea of having a sampler at the end. Whoever the other person was she has finished and drew or photocopied a plan of the rings and labelled each space then put it on the back of the sampler before hanging it – sounded like a good idea so thought I would pass it on,.


They are all so pretty it’s hard to choose! I always love a good satin stitch, but the short and long gives great texture that I enjoy seeing as well. I’ve never seen the velevet stitch though, it’s like a little shaggy rug! So cute 😀


Anne this looks like so much fun. Your stitches are gorgeous. You’ll have a beautiful, finished product when you’re done and you’ll also have a collection of useful stitches for your creation. I miss doing needlework. I can’t seem to get a handle on trying something new at the moment. Thanks for inspiring me.


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