How does my garden grow?

How does my garden grow?

When I take photos of my garden I am quite conscious of that there are things I do not want to show in the photo. They are the embarrassing piles of junk that lurk, the odds and ends that I never seem to get around to moving somewhere else.

And the falling down fence.

Every time I walked down the sideway I mentally closed my eyes and thought “Some day”. Consequently it got weedy and became another junk pile. Something else to get done.

That’s the Fella up the ladder, taming the vine

Even though it was an eyesore that I hated, I knew that it was only one of many things on the “To Do” list, the “Some Day” list.

Then we were approached by George, our next-door neighbour about getting a new fence. YES!!! He did all the organising ~ all we had to do was get our side cleared. That was a great opportunity to get to the weeds down the back, cut back plants and move some of the accumulated junk. (Goodness know how the football you can see in one of the photos got stuck between the fence and the shed!)

Today was New Fence Day.

By 7:00 a squad of eight men were in action, and by about 7:45 the old fence was down! I was blown away by their efficiency. They knew exactly what they were doing, and who was to do each part of the job. They had everything they needed, including concrete drills to remove the old concrete to put in the posts. By the time the new uprights were concreted in the squad was ready for smoko. Then off they went again, nailing the palings, to be finished by 11:15! Anyone need a good fencing company? Just ask me!

Now I have a new, upright fence ~ and a big smile on my face (and something crossed off my Someday list!). In my next “How does my garden grow?” post I can proudly show off more of my garden. No more cropping photos.

An extra bonus is as I put things back to rights I am cleaning up and sorting some of those piles of junk. Next thing on the list is to get the outside of the house painted.

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Eight men! Wow! Mind you, it made the job go quickly didn’t it.
I’m sure there’s a lot of judicious cropping that goes on in garden photos although I’m posting ‘warts and all’ ones at the moment partly because I want to look back at before and after pics and partly because it’s a new garden for us so we can’t be blamed for anything. šŸ¤£

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It is Kathy! These things shouldn’t be an embarrassment, but they are. I try hard not to be down on myself, as there are lots of other things going on in my life. It reminds me to be gentle with others too, as we never know what is going on behind the scenes for them.

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A good fence is a thing of beauty. In the last house, we decided after a year or so of no front fence and a ridiculous saggy wire fence at the back that we’d have a decent one put in. We we horrified when just one man and a truck turned up, thinking it’d take hime several days. How wrong we were. He was there at 7.30am and left at 4.30pm. He worked like a demon in the hot sunshine, with no machines, every hole dug with manual tools, every post set in with quick-set and gravel from his truck. It’s beautiful, durable and ruler-straight. I too can recommend a good fencer!

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That is impressive, Kate. It is wonderful to watch people who work so efficiently. Every movement aimed at getting the job finished and done properly. And I have to agree with you that a good fence is a thing of beauty!

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wow – typical looking older suburb with not a “jot” between each house – where the house is.
Love the soccer ball, maybe it was added as a cushion to either the shed or the fence…

As most of you know, I’m not in my own home, bits of my fencing is in fine fettle whilst the rest is basically falling down or strange holding wood on a slant…another paling fell in recent weeks, and I picked it up as the nails could have caught a car tire. As for the other unit – the fences on 3 sides are falling apart, big time. And speaking of the other unit – the roof spouting repair guy forgot to glue the new (modern plastic) part to the old (rusty tin) part and now when it rains a major waterfall (away from my unit) – his landlord said he would be over in the next few weeks to fix! What it actually needs is all new all round – and then it would match this unit…

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There is so little room between out houses. My house wall is actually the fence on with the neighbour on the other side, until you get to the garden too. That’s another fence that needs replacing, but it is way down on the Someday list.
Getting repairs done to a rental property must be so difficult. At least my dithering is all my own work, and not the frustration of relying on someone else to see the importance of fixing the fence or the guttering.

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Anne, it looks terrific. I’m so glad you have a nice, new fence and a cleared side-yard to boot. This sort of project is easy to put off. When we replaced our side yard fence a few years ago there was a shortage of redwood fencing. It took forever to get a price quote, then even longer to get the fence installed. The back fence was installed improperly with shallow pilings on half the yard. No one wants to repair fences, only install them. I can’t tell you the relief I felt when we finally had one fence replaced and the other repaired. I hope your cleared yard leads you to tackle other projects. That’s what happens for me. I really enjoyed this update.

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What a palaver Alys! I was so pleased when George the neighbour did all the organisation even though it was in his interest to do it, as he is selling the house. It is a relief to get these things done, and yes, it has energised me to do a big tidy up and do some plantings.


I have to confess to frequently re-taking photos because I have got something ugly, dirty or untidy in the first (and sometimes several) attempt. I am absolutely convinced that rubbish breeds – a small pile becomes huge in no time. So too do ‘to do’ lists. The jobs I could/ should do are endless so now I write ‘have done’ lists instead to remind myself I have not been idle. I wish I took before and after photos but actually I only think about it over half way through the job!

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Those Someday lists are endless, aren’t they? And have the sneaky habit of growing, even though some things get crossed off. Like you I try to keep track of what I have achieved. In fact I write a list at the end of each month, to remind me of what I got done.
As for the ugly bits in photos….I am thinking that I will include them. They are a little like wrinkles and bumpy body bits. We all have them, and things are all works in progress. As well, I know the community here is so generous that you will accept the garden, warts and all.

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How satisfying it must have been to see the workers tackling this ‘someday’ job with such efficient precision. And now your whole garden will feel better and breath a sigh of relief along with you. For hubby and me, next job is the staining of our green shed yet again and a new shed for me for gardening use. I wonder what we’ll pick and if I can have any nice touches!

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“Efficient precision” is the perfect phrase for these workers. And yes, the garden and I can settle into a new phase. A new shed will be wonderful. I am imagining something like a gingerbread house, but that’s probably impractical for a working shed!

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Those side fence corridors are so useful, and multi-purpose. Yours looks amazing. I also love a good fence unless it is metal but even they have their place I have to admit. We all have our wip’s and to do lists. Ours just got a bit longer as the recent rain bomb after a wet summer showed us our weak spots… we -actually the G.O.- had to fasttrack cleaning up the neighbours overhanging -vegetation along the narrow side of our boundary and house, and will be redirecting overflow water from our tanks and digging ag lines. I am fasttracking a deep clean of the house! Cleaning up the summer garden has been pushed down the list. I keep reminding myself this is real life. Take care ā™”


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