For this Stitch-A-Long I am starting something new, something quite different to my other creations.

It is a stitching sampler that I saw on Margaret’s (quite inspirational) blog. However, the original idea and subsequent instructions come from Cathy Reavy. Her Youtube channel has all the instructions for this Stitch Wheel.

The sampler is in the form of a wheel divided into sections. Each ring has a theme of stitch types, and each section in that ring showcases a different stitch. The middle of the circle and the next ring are all about different knots. While I am not up to filling those in yet, I have watched Cathy’s videos and am looking forward to getting going.

A couple of things have slowed down progress. Firstly I had to hunt to find a 10″ frame. The January sales saw a run on crafty things, including these hoops. Then I followed Cathy’s instructions to bind the sections of the hoop. I am not usually good with preparation like this, preferring to jump right in.

The second road bump was that I originally chose a backing material with a weave that was too open. I finished all the lines and decided I didn’t like it, and that I didn’t like the thread I had used. The photo shows that first material with the erasable lines marked in.

So, second go. I am much happier with the material and the thread. The stitch is a split back stitch. Once the lines are finished I will go over the rings with a whip stitch….so still a bit of stitching to go before I get to the French knots in the centre.

From the comments in my last SAL post it seems like some of you might be interested in taking up embroidery. If you are, then I would recommend Cathy’s sampler wheel. Her videos are very good, and she clearly demonstrates each stitch. She even gives left-handed stitching a go!

I am part of a group of stitchers who show their personal work in this three weekly stitch-a-long. There is an amazing array of wonderful work, so do have a look by following the links. I am sure there will be something there to inspire you.

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I saw that sampler but the instructions are by video which uses too much broadband data for me. I am following Pintangle instead where Sharon gives very clear instructions by static picture. I like her stitch dictionary too and have extended her exercise by finding other extensions of the basic stitch for the week. However it doesn’t build into a sampler. I will be writing a post about my efforts soon.

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Pintangle sounds interesting, and it will be good to see what you have been doing. I just take things like the broadband data for granted ~ it is good to be reminded that not everyone has the same access.

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Oh this sounds like such a wonderful embroidery project that I would love to participate in. Too bad that I have so many projects started and two new ones that are time sensitive. There aren’t enough hours in the day. I am always fascinated when directions are given for lefties as I don’t think it is really necessary for embroidery. I have always been able to follow the directions given. I will enjoy watching your progress with this.

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I thought that my learning should start right from the word go, so I was happy to do the preparation. And I am very happy that I changed materials. All the knots I have been doing on the first ring would be frustrating with the open material.

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I have done six sections so far, and have enjoyed doing them. I am looking forward to showing my progress in a couple of weeks. I wonder if I will be as enthusiastic by the time I get to the outer ring.


about the first fabric, it will be used somewhere later in your journey – but hey the circle sampler idea looks like it’s not too onerous and you will have a nice memory when you want to use one or two of the stitches later in another project. I can see what you mean “different to your other creations” but what I also see is inspiration to incorporate xyz stitch into any other work you might create…some leaves in the rock pools that landed from the tree we can’t see off side…

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I haven’t finished the inner ring, and already I have learnt a number of new stitches. So yes, I will be able to incorporate some into other work. As for the first material…it has gone into the “Hmmm, maybe I can use this some other time” pile 😊

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Interesting… I’m a jump right in kind of person too with craft projects. Which is strange given that I will spend a good amount of time prepping before I start on a first draft of writing. Guess I have to have balance, right? Oh, and I’m listening to Underland (finally). 😋

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I think the difference this time is that I am treating the whole thing as a chance to learn, including the right way to prepare….and including not using knots to begin and end threads.
What do you think of Underland? Not everyone’s cup of tea….

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Very true, Meeks.
What do you think about the new lockdown? My life hasn’t been very busy lately, so really it won’t have much of an impact on the Fella and me. Maybe I can go back to my list from last year’s lockdown and work on all the things I didn’t get done then!

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I’m like you, Anne. I’ll miss not buying my hot bread treats, but other than that, the lockdown won’t make much of a difference, at least not in a physical sense, but…psychologically?

The little bit of trust I’d built up is back in its box again, and I can only imagine how badly others are affected, especially small business owners. This up-down, on-off yoyo is killing the economy but the answer is not to stop the lockdowns, it’s to get rid of hotel quarantine.

I’m so angry that the Fed govt refuses to see that hotel quarantine is ruining everything. It may have been a reasonable stop gap measure when the States had to come up with a plan in a hurry, but it’s been a year already.

It’s time the Feds shouldered their responsibilities and spent the money they’re saving on Job Seeker [ggggrrrrr] on safe facilities that will allow all our expats to come home /safely/.
Given how much more infectious the new covid variants are said to, the old ways will not work for much longer. 😦

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The timing would never be good, but Valentine’s Day will hit many small businesses particularly hard.
The federal government has refused to take any responsibility for quarantine, which is a commonwealth matter. I think that they don’t want to take the flack when things go awry. Easier to have the Premiers (especially Labor ones) to take the fall out. So many grrrrrs from here too.
Howard Springs seems to be a good model to follow.

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I’ve never liked Valentine’s Day, but I agree the hit to small businesses will be painful. I’ve been leaving tweets on Dan Andrews’ Twitter page asking that we stop hotel quarantine. And yes, Howard Springs hasn’t had a single leak. We have to bite the bullet and do this or it’s just a matter of time before we have another /big/ outbreak. 😦


You have sooooooo much more patience than I do! My daughter began knitting me a sweater … knowing how I love wolves, this one has a howling wolf on the front, and paw prints on the sleeves … over a year ago and just finished it in time for this past Christmas. I love it, I am in awe of the sweater and her talents, but I could never sit still that long! I used to crochet and knit, but simple projects, like an afghan, scarf, or shawl. Then, I retired, started my blog, discovered my love of writing, and … I gave daughter Chris all my yarn, hooks, needles, and paraphernalia last year, for I don’t think I will ever again have the patience! I look forward to seeing your finished project!

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Your jumper sounds amazing Jill! It must be wonderful to wear something that has so much love entwined in it. I am not surprised you have an affinity with wolves ~ strong, determined, playful, leading a strong pack.

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I like this idea! I´m doing almost the same thing, but I´m following Sharon Boggon on Facebook. She has a group called TAST ( Take a stitch Tuesday). She shows you different stitches both easy and as an alternative, more complicated versions of the easy ones. You can stitch whatever you want and this year I decided to stitch in circles. I hope this year I can follow through the whole year. I´ve tried a couple of times before, but never managed to fulfill a whole year 🙂

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