I hope your holiday time was as pleasing as mine. It is Boxing Day today, and I am down at my sister’s beach house. We are sitting around, some are watching the Boxing Day Test at the MCG (a cricket match for those who don’t know ~ probably most of you!). I am getting organised, writing this Stitch-A-Long post to send off tomorrow.

Last time I showed you the gifts I was making for presents. Now I can show you, and tell you that they were received with delight.

This was to become a bag for Mum.

The backing material of the embroidery was linen, and I didn’t think about how bulky it would be when drawn. However, I am sure Mum will find something special to put into it. In my stash I found some pretty green cotton to make the lining.

The other stitching was to make a set of cards for Judy, my sister. She is one of those wonderful people who always remembers birthdays and sends cards. She said that these were too lovely to send, but I am sure she will find some special people.

I made some extra cards for a couple of friends.

It is so nice to be able to give the gift of hand made.

This Stitch-A-Long post is organised by Avis. We are a group of stitchers who post every three weeks (even over Christmas!) to show what personal stitching we have done. The variety of works is amazing, and the quality is always top notch. Use the links below to see their work.

AvisClaireGunCaroleSueConstanzeChristinaKathyMargaretCindyHeidiJackieSunnyHayleyMeganDeborahMary MargaretReneeCarmelaSharonDaisyAnneConnieAJJennyLauraCathieLindaHelen

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After your very long and strict lockdown it must be extra special to spend time with family and a beach house sounds perfect, Those gifts are beautiful and quite a different style from your Art stuff. A lady of many talents!

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You are right…it is always special spending time with my family, but after the lockdown it was extra special! I hope everyone will be able to spend time with loved ones soon. Here’s to a healthy 2021!

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A batch of handmade cards is a great present. I am sure you will be able to buy the pre-cut cards that allow you to just slip the image in. You will make lovely ones, Kathy. Happy New Year to you!

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My gosh, Anne, everything you touch turns in to a work of art. I love the embroidered bag and your lovely cards. I would have a hard time sending those off, too, but at there same time they are too pretty NOT to share with a good friend. I haven’t embroidered in years. I always enjoyed it. Happy New Year!

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That’s very true Laura. I knew that Mum and Judy would love these gifts and appreciate that they were made specially for them. Have a happy and healthy New Year.


I think I am the lucky one, to have such special people in my life. And to have the comfort of making myself at home at my sister’s holiday house! I hope 2021 is a healthy and creative one for you.

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I feel very fortunate that I was able to be with my special people over Christmas, as there are so many who are separated. And even in the best of times, how many people spend Christmas with their 94 year old mother? Extra special this year, after our lockdown. I wish you a happy and healthy New Year.

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What great news! I love encouraging people to do things, so I am pleased that these have inspired you! If you wish to do something similar the stitches are very simple ~ chain stitch for the centres, big, open stem stitch for the petals and feather stitch for the leaves. Have a creative and healthy new year, full of many book sales!

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Thanks Meeks. We did earn it. Now we just have to guard it jealously with lots of tests and jumping on any outbreaks, and keeping up the social distancing and mask wearing. Here’s to a new year that is happy and healthy and full of friendship.

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Anne, apologies, I did read the post and I did hit the “like” but things didn’t go quite to plan here from Dec 24th until a few days ago and then I’m still not back to whatever my “more normal is” other than the Vertigo has completely gone but that wasn’t the issue over the dates above.

What splendid gifts you did make for your family…. I sent you an email about the other collage.

And now it’s the New Year – although for now, I’m not going to truly accept until February when the “unplanned things could be better sorted”


[…] Last time I showed you the embroideries I had been sewing as Christmas presents. From the comments you seemed to like like them. As many of you enjoy embroidering I thought you might like to know the stitches I used. The inspiration came from the work of Melissa Wastney. […]


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