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My online pottery class

You may remember that I signed up for an online pottery class, thinking “How on earth is this going to work?”, but loving the idea of it.

It worked really well, thanks to the good organisation of the tutor, Vincenza. There were four weekly online classes with clay and materials provided by her. Over the three weeks of making I made a flat plate, a little bowl, a vase and a bird.

My favourite is the little bird, because it sits so nicely in my hand.

The vase is a slab pot. To construct this you wrap a slab of clay around a cylinder. I used a beer bottle, which was the perfect shape! Decorating it was tricky, as nothing seemed satisfactory, until I saw the tassels on a scarf. I added some more marks.

The fourth week was glazing. We had dropped our greenware work to Vincenza, who did the first firing, the bisque firing. When she gave them back she added little pots of glazes in the box.

The finished pots…

My best results from the course was to rekindle my desire to do more pottery. I did it many years decades ago but it sat on the back burner during that time. Next year I will look around for a somewhere to do some more. That should be fun ๐Ÿ™‚

Also it was a delight to do something unexpected during our lockdown.

By anne54

Botanic artist

34 replies on “My online pottery class”

Yes great job Anne – I still think you’ve got the platter for cheese at the opening of your next solo exhibition. And the bird is a cute sitting in the palm of your hand.

As for the organisers of the whole experience even better…

Even though I haven’t done the kind of courses you have during 2020 – I’ve created with the Golden Kit and now started with the Gelli plate – both art materials never used before. The other day, an artist on-line showed something else one could do with crackle paste and now I’m keen to try that out…but first I need another art supply so it will have a wait a bit…

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We are lucky to have so many opportunities for online classes and learning of all sorts. Our isolation times would have been very different without the internet, but humans are so resourceful we would have found another way!
Your thoughts about the cheese platter at my next exhibition still make me smile.


Thanks Dale. I am not sure what I am going to do with them, except hold the bird in my hand when I need some calm time! However they are inspiration to expose other media.


I did enjoy myself. It was so different to anything else I had been doing in my weeks of isolation! I quite like the plate too. Unfortunately I see the flaws too clearly.


What a fabulous course! And your creativity and dexterity mean you made some beautiful things – I can’t pick a favourite. II hope you find a course when classes restart and will look forward to seeing how your work develops. Isn’t it exciting to find new ways of working?

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I think Vincenza is brilliant for having come up with both the idea and the execution. Who would have thought you could teach such a tactile skill over a digital medium?

And I really like your finished pieces too. Bravo!

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Yes, individual attention is always the problem. lol much like in a real classroom! It’s a balancing act. I’ve often wished that all classrooms had a teacher and a tutor available. When I was volunteering, that’s what we did. My friend Megan was the teacher/lecturer, and I was the circulating tutor. It worked really well for us and our students.


While this year has been a horror in so many ways, you are right to point out that there have been positives coming out of it. My pottery is a small, but important, one. Thanks for reminding me.


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