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Well, the Forest Regenerates is finished! Yay! I am not sure I am doing a happy dance, more a relieved dance. I found I had to push myself to sew the last parts at the top . In fact, if it wasn’t for the deadline of this Stitch-a-long, the work would still be sitting in its box of threads.

The other thing that got me over the line were all the very positive comments you have posted over the life of this stitching. Thank you for telling me that you enjoy the texture, the movement and colours.

I have ideas about my next project, so I hope to have something to show you next time. Fingers crossed!

This stitch-a-long is for personal stitching. There are many delightful projects going on, so click on the links to see what the others are up to. (Remember that due to time zones some posts may not be up yet.) Thanks to Avis for wrangling us each three weeks!

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By anne54

Botanic artist

41 replies on “SAL”

Sometimes I need the spur of a deadline. I remember Sunday nights being a time when my mind was finely focussed on the homework I had put off all weekend!


It is beautiful Anne. Those dark shapes really lift the other colours and give it more depth. Now I am looking forward to seeing the next piece!

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love the layers…would love to view it up front and personal…fabulous you finally achieved the finishing of it. No more will it beckon you from that place named WIP, rather now you need to get it mounted and on a wall of your choice…

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So beautiful! I love how this turned out and so happy our group helped to encourage you along the way 🙂 Looking forward to seeing your next project!

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