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SAL ~ The forest regenerates

Welcome to this latest Stitch-A-Long, where a group of us post updates on our personal stitchery. It seems like the last SAL post was just the other day, but 3 weeks have flown past. (Do you find that your sense of time is warped at the moment?) I had done very little on my piece, as I didn’t know how I was going to finish the bottom part. So last night I mapped it out. There is not much to show as most of it is still in my head. At least now I know where I am going…..and I think it is going to work.


Those wiggly lines at the bottom are tree trunks. They may change, may become more defined and less random.

Close up…


My other reason for not getting a lot done is that I am doing an online mixed media course, which I am loving. Read my earlier post if you would like to catch up with that.

The other members of the group are very talented embroiderers, and a very warm welcome to Sherrie. Use the links below to have a look at the stunning work that they are doing.

Avis, Claire, Gun, Carole, Sue, Constanze, Christina, Kathy, Margaret, Cindy, Heidi, Jackie, Sunny, Hayley, Megan,Deborah, Mary Margaret, Renee, Carmela, Jocelyn, Sharon, Daisy, Anne, Connie, AJ, Jenny, Laura, Cathie, Linda,Sherrie

By anne54

Botanic artist

54 replies on “SAL ~ The forest regenerates”

The textures are gorgeous as always. My sense of time is all over the place. I keep having to look in my diary to see how long I have been stuck in my chair (4 and a half weeks), it seems like forever and yet it seems like I have been here just over 2 weeks. I also can’t keep track of the days of the week!

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Four and a half weeks ~ wow! That’s a long time. How much longer until you can move around a little more? Time is a very slippery concept at the moment as all my usual markers have gone. Nothing like “I am going to the Herbarium today so it must be Tuesday”.

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It’s longer than that as I broke my leg on 8th March, I waited 9 days for the operation, so what’s that 6 weeks? I have another week and a half and I can start putting some weight n the leg and doing exercises. I have very little idea what day it is at the moment just when I am hungry or sleepy! I think that I can do so little that it’s sort of easier, I cant worry about things too much becuase I cant do much about anything! It’s been a massive exercise in patience!


I am not a mixed media person either, so it is out of my comfort zone. The good thing about the course is that Tara takes us through it in a way that builds on the stage before. And it uses things from the natural world, and that is right in my comfort zone!

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At the moment, it’s only my posting schedule that’s keeping track of the days for me! It’s always hard because of the Husband’s shift work, but harder still because of the lockdown. Loving that texture, and I’m particularly fond of those acid greeny yellows against the magenta background – brave colours πŸ™‚

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There are no markers to our days. Back in the Time Before I had a routine in the outside world that helped to orient me. While they have gone I am enjoying not having the responsibility of those regular commitments.
I am glad you like the colours, although not surprised! I selected the purple background because it is a complementary to the greens I would be using.


I only have the regular 12 day cycle of the Husband’s shifts to orient me to the outside world, and the blog for where I am in the month. Trying to remember when it’s Sunday so certain shops are closed (like the pharmacy) can be tricky.


Like Kate I enjoy your use of colours in this piece – watching it grow and evolve is part of the joy for me in following along. And knowing how long it takes to place stitches I can appreciate the small increments of additions. Time has become nonsensical for me even more than it was before. I hear people counting down the days and bemoaning their ‘lost’ lives but for me each day is either richly filled, or spent quietly floating about in the ether not quite coming down to land….. I’ve found my sketching mojo again though and am ecstatic about that! I had a long involved discussion a few days ago in which I discovered that 1992 wasn’t a decade ago – that took a few moments to process and only settled when it was brought to my attention that my house repairs were completed just under a month ago, not six months ago…….. Time is indeed a wibbly-wobbly thing according to Doctor Who, who is always right according to my geeky daughter……. πŸ˜€

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Welcome Sherrie! Letting things sit while your mind ponders them is a great way to come up with creative solutions. Sometimes though the ‘few days’ can become a ‘few weeks’ without your really noticing!


I love the bold colors — and the way you let a piece develop over time. I read somewhere that we track the passage of time in relation to new experiences. So going into quarantine/shelter in place/isolation was new and shifted our sense of time. And now that many of us have been in it, we have so little “newness” that we’re just stuck. That and the fact that our routines, whatever they were, have been so altered of course! Thank heavens for the SAL, which at least helps me keep track of three-week chunks… Stay well.

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That’s a good explanation of why my sense of time is wobbly ~ one day is much like another! As you say, thank heavens for the SAL…and for Avis’ reminder emails!


Good things that will become Treasures, take time…

as to the M-Sun thing, completely off here. One of my groups has posts where people say “Lockdown Day **” finally when I decided to post I just said “Day n/a” . I’ve got to the point where there are no “dates, actual word days, or anything else…even the time has got off edge”

Yes, as you may all know, I did know that last Friday was the 17th, but I had to keep looking up which “day is it…and is next week going to have the 17th in it” The only thing that kept the 17th intact was the day before when I was supposed to get a flu’ jab at 10am but when I went to confirm on the 14th, as advised nearly a month beforehand, they had given my jab to some other bugger!

(flu’ jab accomplished at chemist…very nice people who said they had heard that GP clinics hadn’t ordered enough for their vulnerable clients i.e. me)

I’m way behind with anything I had proposed to do, I get things to a point…and then it joins others in my WIP basket! A relatively large basket – the sort you might find at the grocery store…

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That made me smile Catherine…the idea that time has fallen off the edge! I am also behind with things I intend to do. That’s another strange thing, where is my time going? I can’t even blame binge watching on Netflix, as I don’t have Netflix 😊

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apparently this “time disappearing thing” is happening to a lot of people – even those who have no craft/art/home hobby to do.
I don’t have Netflix either…and actually I seem to be behind with my favourite uTubers!


I totally understand the not knowing what day it is thing. I am actually quite enjoying it! Pausing to let ideas float to the surface is good and probably the only way to do the knd of piece you are working on where there is no ‘design’ drawn out at the beginning and then executed. I love that way of working – it feels so organic – lettting the thing grow in whatever way it will. With your skill and eye for colour it will be stunning.

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It is a good way to work. I used to paint botanic art, very detailed plant portraits, which needed quite a deal of planing. It is rather freeing to work in this more organic way. And detail is impossible!

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Thanks Claire. I am learning so much from the course, and am inspired! A post will be coming soon ~ when I can find the time away from creating ☺️


Good morning Anne, I just caught up on your posts and am quite intrigued by your wetland pieces. We have a tiny pond with surrounding wetland here on our property. It draws me to it and I, like you, love the different elements and also seeing the birds that appear there along with the frogs and turtles. My 6 year old grandson and I take a bag and collect “specimens” and create a little vignette on a large coffee table plate I have…one display for each season. Your post has enlightened me further with the artistic possibilities.
I make German apple cake often…as you say easy and we love apples.
Lovely stitching to be seen here as always and thanks for the inspiration.

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Making vignettes is very addictive and meditative, isn’t it. It would be a lovely thing to do with your grandson. He would find some interesting treasures too. I am glad I have been able to inspire you with other artistic possibilities. The next module of the course uses gelli plates to make prints, and I am finding that equally addictive.


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